Stellar Cast Lore - now for free

All you need to do is this

Reach LVL 10
Pick the Helix Choice for extra healing
Fly Straight for 4 Seconds
Repeat until Lore is Unlocked

No other BB are needed, just a LVL 10 Kid Ultra.


Wow. L33t hax

Well, have no fear! Only have to reach lv. 10 in any match, so if you aren’t playing capture or incursion, you don’t have a chance! And if you are playing Capture or incursion, try to NOT steamroll or get steamrolled! Ha! Easy game, easy life.

also works in pve solo :wink:


In PvP it sure will be easier to get the 4 BB together… but in PvE it’s pretty easy to reach LVL 10, and if you do it Solo the Cooldown on Kid Ultras skills is even shorter.

Once you hit LVL 10 you can get it in less than 10 Minutes. Thats pretty easy.

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Yeah, didn’t know it worked in PvE. Better get KU lore done now!!

Confirmed, just did all 10 in The Archive solo.


I can finish his lore up tonight!

Can confirm. Still works. Got 6 in one playthrough of The Saboteur and unlocked the challenge.
Thanks again!!! <3

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Thank the Magna Carta! This still works. L10 on Archive, with L10 helix:

Now how the @#$% do I get the “Miss Glory” one? Perma-stuck at 12/25.

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Grind bots battle. Get the helix that give you 3 bolas at once. Get close to BIG tanks (Montana, Kelvin, Attikus) and throw it at them. If you’re close enough and hit them with all three, it will count.


Anyone confirm this is broken now?

I did it on my main BB account no problem.

On my other account, have been trying normal and advanced Archive and it doesn’t register, not counting.

UPDATE: Got it to work, has to be Helix 10, left option.

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