Step-by-step Prestige Guide - Prestige Top Gear


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  1. Serenity Waste
  2. Concordia
  3. Outlands Canyon/Titan Industrial Facility
  4. Eleseer
  5. Lunar Launching Station
  6. Veins of Helios
  7. Hyperion Hub of Heroism
  8. Triton Flats
  9. Cluster 99002 0V3RL00K


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Prestige Definition

  • When you reach 552 challenge levels completed, you can reset your challenge progress, so you can complete them again, to get more badass tokens. This is called Prestige.
  • The Claptastic Voyage DLC adds some challenges, bringing up the number to 578. Fortunately, its challenges are easy to complete. Shared by BeastfaB

Eligible Challenge Categories

  • To prestige, you need to complete 552 challenge levels in the following challenge categories: Low Gravity, Grinder, Enemies, Elemental, Loot, Money and Trading, Vehicle, Health and Recovery, Grenades, Shields, Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle, Laser, SMG, Shotgun, Pistol, Melee, General Combat, Miscellaneous.
  • Area specific challenges are not eligible for prestige. However, completing them will count towards the Miscellaneous challenge We Have a Contender (Complete Challenges), which does count towards prestige progress.
  • DLC challenges (Claptastic Voyage) are eligible, and with their addition to the main game, you will have to reach 578 in order to be able to reset.

Prestige Notes

  • There is no limit to how many times you can reset your challenge progress.
  • Challenges do not need to be completed to 5/5 in order to counts towards prestige progress. If, for example, you have a challenge at 3/5, you have 3 points towards the 552 that you need, in order to prestige.
  • Resetting your challenges resets all challenges. DLC challenges, area-specific, everything.
  • Resetting challenges sets them to 0 progression. Excess progress during a prestige (e.g. more kills than needed) does not carry over after you reset the challenges.
  • If you avoid investing badass tokens into some attributes in favor of others, you will have Max Health as a constant option. In most cases, it is not in your best interest to pour many tokens into max health (because of the health-gating mechanic). Instead, invest tokens into your lowest attribute, to make other attributes available again.

Prestige Notifications

  • When you are eligible for prestige, you will see a Reset option between Watch challenge and Sort, when viewing your challenges:

  • Upon clicking Reset, you will be asked to confirm, in case you clicked it by accident:

  • Once you reset your challenge progress, you will see a star icon above Watch challenge, with a number next to it, indicating how many times you have Prestiged:

Images provided by TheGreatVex. If links appear broken, please PM me and I will fix them.

Author’s note

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This is a major work in progress, since not many people (including me) have prestiged yet. Still, there is some information and tactics that carry over from Borderlands 2, and more will be discovered with time.

This guide is based on my guide on how to prestige in Borderlands 2, so the same principles will be followed:

  • Identify most efficient area/enemy type combinations
  • Identify most suitable challenges to be targeted in each area
  • Identify challenges that overlap, in order to work on multiple challenges at a time
  • Identify most efficient gear for targeted challenges
  • Identify time-consuming challenges to be avoided
  • Minimize areas to be visited
  • Minimize wasted kills

My Prestige Top Gear

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In order to prestige efficiently, as well as to follow this specific guide, there are naturally some gear choices that are better than others. Be it specific challenges tied to gear, or general gameplay, some items, while not mandatory, will make things much easier.

  • Unless stated otherwise, all gear used to kill (weapons/grenades/shields) is meant to be able to one-shot enemies. Since this plan is to be completed in Normal Mode, gear does not have to be level 50 for it to be effective. As long as it can one-shot enemies, it will do.
  • Having the stated gear is min/maxing enough. Prefixes and parts are pretty much up to personal preference, although the “perfect” variant is usually best to have (the perfect Sham is better than an average Sham). Unless of course you have the stated gear piece already.
  • This is not a list of “Best 5” etc. All items listed are the best choice for something. If an item is tied to a specific challenge, you will need either that or an alternative to replace it. E.g. you can do without the Sham, but you still need an absorb shield. Some items are not tied to specific challenges and thus not needed (e.g. Bomber Oz Kit, IVF), but can help manage various issues/needs etc (low ammo pool, action skill cooldown) or just improve general gameplay (e.g. Support Relay).
  • “Low level” weapons does not mean they have to be level 2 or so. Just low enough not to cause any significant damage. E.g. If your enemy is lvl 50, a level 25 weapon is perfectly low for getting critical hits.
  • The “Specifics” part mentions the best parts, prefixes, elements etc. Not mandatory, but they make the item even more efficient.
  • If I do not mention “Specifics” you do not need any special prefix, parts etc. Any variant of the item will do, as long as it is at an appropriate level.

Note: None of these items is mandatory to use, even for this guide. Any suitable gear piece will work towards its specific challenge, so you can use any items you can find. These are just what works best for its intended purposes, due to all around good stats, and specific traits/gimmicks etc. Some items may not suit your playstyle/class/skillset etc, or may simply be unavailable, which is why alternatives exist for (almost) everything listed. Still, this is a guide to prestige efficiently, and as such, the listed items are the best choice for that.


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  • Legendary shields can be obtained from the Grinder, by grinding three legendary shields.
  • The Amp Shield can be fully substituted with Glitched weapons with the Amp glitch, from the Claptastic Voyage DLC. During the Amp effect, all kills count towards Amp shield kills, and you do not have to worry about your shield being full, or having skills to replenish shield capacity.

The Sham
Source: Grinder/Vendors/Chests.
Specifics: As high absorption chance as possible (up to 94%).
Targeted Challenges: Absorb ammo.
Advantages: Highest ammo absorption chance in the game. Can be used to replenish rocket launcher ammo, as well as be equipped at all times for extra ammo.
Companion: Logan’s Gun for rocket launcher ammo and Absorb ammo challenge. Also equip it while getting Rocket Launcher Kills.
Alternative: Any absorb shield with a decent absorption chance.

Source: Grinder/Vendors/Chests.
Specifics: As high recharge delay as possible.
Targeted Challenges: Roid Shield Kills and Spike Shield Kills. Also for progress in Nova Shield Kills.
Advantages: Three types of shield into one.
Alternative: Low level Bigg Thumprr/Shooting Star for roid kills, Supernova for nova kills, and a high level spike shield. Supernova has a much higher nova radius than the Avalanche, but the Avalanche combines three shield types in one.
Usage: While getting spike damage kills will be trivial, it is near impossible for enemies in Normal mode to break your shield and cause the nova to release. Plus, if the nova goes off, not much will be left alive for you to kill with melee/roid damage. So focus on the three aspects in different enemy clusters. Break your shield to release the nova, then kill any enemies left with melee for roid shield kills. Go to the next enemy cluster, and focus on spike damage. Finishing nova kills is easier with the Supernova. Using a low level Shooting Star or Thumprr gives low capacity, so enemies can break them easily, but you still have recharge delay high enough to not have to worry about the shield recharging.

Source: Bruce/Health Vendors/Grinder.
Specifics: Can spawn with any rarity. Just use one with as large nova radius as possible.
Targeted Challenges: Nova Shield Kills
Advantages: Largest nova radius in the game.
Companion: Rocket Launcher to break it, and class mods with skills that buff shield recharge rate, or reduce delay, or grant instant shield restoration on kill. The Supernova’s recharge delay is not bad, so it should not be a problem to have it recharge to full capacity to break again for another nova.
Alternative: If you do not have this, use the Avalanche, or any nova shield.
Usage: Finish getting kills with the Avalanche. Until you’re done with roid and spike damage kills, you’ll have some progress into nova damage kills. The Supernova’s nova radius is much higher than that of the Avalanche, so finishing the challenge is easier with the Supernova than by just using the Avalanche all the way to the end.

Amp Shield
Source: World drop/Health Vendors.
Targeted Challenges: Amp Shield Kills
Advantages: Better recharge delay than the Rerouter, but Amp glitched weapons are more efficient.
Companion: Equip it while obtaining rocket launcher kills. Also equip any class mods/oz kits that improve shield recharge delay.
Alternative: Glitched weapons with the Amp glitch, from the Claptastic Voyage DLC. You still have to have a shield equipped, though. Any shield will do for that, not just amp.

Grenade Mods

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  • Companion: For all grenade mods, you can equip a Bomber Oz Kit for some free grenades.
  • Use only grenade mods with a specific challenge tied to their type. Don’t use Snowball/Sky Rocket etc.
  • Prefix: Go with Longbow/Longbow Sticky/Lobbed/Lobbed Sticky. Homing will get you killed.
  • Common grenade mods are sold in the Ammo Vendors. Scroll down past the ammo options.
  • To receive a legendary grenade mod from the Grinder, you have to grind three legendary grenade mods.

Bouncing Bazza
Source: Grinder/Vendors/Chests.
Targeted Challenges: Bouncing Betty Grenade Kills.
Advantages: Releases child grenades along with bullets.
Alternative: Any bouncing Betty grenade mod.

Bonus Package
Source: Tork Dredgers/Sappers.
Targeted Challenges: MIRV Grenade Kills.
Advantages: Higher child grenade count.
Alternative: Any high-level MIRV grenade mod will do.

Source: Drops from Felicity Rampart. The Grinder.
Targeted Challenges: Singularity Grenade Kills.
Advantages: Largest singularity pull and area of effect of any singularity grenade mod in the game. Kills with the tesla effect also count as singularity kills.
Alternative: Any singularity grenade mod will do a decent job.

Storm Front
Source: Grinder/Vendors/Chests.
Targeted Challenges: Area-of-effect Grenade Kills.
Advantages: Large range and duration of effect.
Alternative: Fire Bee/Any Vladof Fire Burst or Tesla Grenade Mod/Any high level Vladof grenade mod.

Transfusion Grenade mod
Source: World Drop. Ammo vendors.
Targeted Challenges: Transfusion Grenade Kills.
Advantages: Counts towards challenge.
Alternative: Any common transfusion grenade mod works just fine. The Kiss of Death does not release child grenades, thus limiting you to one kill per grenade. Common transfusion grenades release child grenades, thus achieving multiple kills per grenade. The Leech has much lower damage and blast radius, and fewer child grenades.

Standard Tediore Grenade Mod
Source: World Drop. Ammo vendors.
Targeted Challenges: Second Wind Challenges.
Advantages: It is easier to down yourself with a grenade and have your weapon already in your hands to get a Second Wind. If you can’t down yourself with one grenade, simply equip a low level shield, or no shield, and do not spec into skills that increase your health. No need to waste two grenades to down yourself.
Alternative: Rocket Launcher, Grenadier Assault Rifle.

Oz Kits

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  • Legendary Oz Kits can be obtained from the Grinder, by grinding three legendary Oz Kits.

Source: Drops from CL4P-L3K. Ammo Vendors/Grinder.
Targeted Challenges: General gameplay ammo efficiency.
Advantages: Chance to drop ammo when you kill an enemy.
Companion: Moxxi’s ammo regeneration drink.
Alternative: Moxxi’s ammo regeneration drink/Ammo regeneration or ammo efficiency skills (see class section below).

Source: World Drop/Ammo Vendors.
Targeted Challenges: Nothing. Everything.
Advantages: Increases movement speed, thus you can make longer jumps and take shortcuts/access chests easier, and just move around quicker.
Alternative: Skills that enhance movement speed.

Source: World Drop/Ammo Vendors.
Targeted Challenges: Grenade Challenges.
Advantages: Chance to throw free grenades.
Companion: Grenade mods.
Alternative: Buying grenades/Picking up grenade mods to replenish grenades.

Duality Oz Kit
Source: World Drop/Ammo Vendors.
Specifics: Boost to reload speed/fire rate/accuracy/magazine size/shield recharge delay.
Targeted Challenges: Weapon challenges.
Advantages: Improves performance of weapons/shields.
Alternative: Skills and class mods that boost accuracy/Reload speed etc.


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Laser Disker
Source: Shadow Trap (Claptastic Voyage DLC)
Targeted Challenges: Tediore reload damage/Tediore reload kills/RL kills/RL splash damage kills/RL direct hits/RL single rocket shielded enemy kills/RL long range kills
Advantages: Kills with the main projectile count towards rocket launcher kills, and since it is a laser, it has a much higher ammo pool than actual launchers. Reload kills still count as laser kills. Shooting at your feet while wearing a Sham will make it absorb rockets, but remember that the explosion can kill you if not absorbed.
Alternative: For Tediore reloads and kills, IVF/anything Tediore. For rocket launcher challenges, see Rocket Launchers below. For absorb, Logan’s Gun.

Min Min Lighter
Source: Grinder/Weapon Vendors/Chests.
Targeted Challenges: Tediore reload damage/Tediore reload kills/Kills with barrels
Advantages: Kills with the main projectile count towards Kills with stationary barrels, which make it extremely easier to complete (shared by Angelripper).
Alternative: For Tediore reloads and kills, IVF/anything Tediore. For barrel kills: Actual barrels.

Note: The barrel kill effect of the projectile seems to have been removed with the latest update.

Source: Obtainable once per character, across all playthroughs in Stanton’s Liver.
Targeted Challenges: Laser challenges/Ice-freezing related challenges.
Advantages: Reverse recoil. Pinpoint accurate. Excellent stats. Guaranteed to freeze enemy if it crits.
Alternative: For laser challenges, anything Hyperion. For freezing, the Zim/Fridgia/Fatale/Too Scoops.

Hyperion Beam
Source: World drop.
Targeted Challenges: Laser challenges.
Advantages: Reverse recoil. Pinpoint accurate. Excellent stats.
Alternative: Any Hyperion laser. Any Tediore laser.

Hyperion Beam/Blaster/Splitter
Source: World drop.
Specifics: As low level as possible
Targeted Challenges: Get critical hits with lasers.
Advantages: Reverse recoil. Pinpoint accurate. Excellent stats.
Alternative: M4 Glitch Dahl Splitter/Tediore Splitter/Dahl lasers/Anything with high fire rate.

Guide to weapon parts

Claptastic Voyage DLC note:

  • Any purple weapon can be substituted with its Glitch counterpart. They will have a large magazine, as well as added glitch effects:
  • Overload : More accuracy, much higher damage and critical damage, but lower fire rate. Dahl weapons retain full fire rate.
  • Loop : Reduced ammo consumption, no recoil, bursts. Kills with this will restore ammo in the magazine.
  • Multishot : More projectiles, lower fire rate. Dahl weapons retain full fire rate.
  • Amp : Adds amp damage that works without needing a full shield. Kills with this will count towards the Amp Shield Kills challenge.
  • Check the Glitch Effect Compendium for an in depth guide on Glitch weapons.

Rocket Launchers

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  • Rocket Launcher weapon parts
  • Companion: For all Rocket Launchers: The Sham and a Logan’s Gun for ammo.
  • Missile Magnet (Direct rocket hit kills) is unlocked by completing 5/5 of Collateral Damage (RL splash damage kills).
  • Alternative: The Laser Disker’s projectile counts towards RL challenges, and has a much higher ammo pool, higher reload speed, and more shots per magazine.

Kaneda’s Laser
Source: Shadowtrap.
Targeted Challenges: RL challenges.
Advantages: Ammo efficient, extremely accurate, without a slow projectile. A great choice for every RL challenge.
Alternative: Badaboom. Nukem for splash kills. A purple Torgue/Vladof for direct hits.

Vladof Rocket Launcher
Specifics: No parts are essential, just the damage. Find one that is able to break the Supernova but does not damage too much health.
Source: World drop/chests/vendors.
Targeted Challenges: Nova Shield Kills.
Advantages: Ammo efficient. Has splash damage needed to break shield.
Companion: Supernova, and skills that restore shield capacity in any way.
Alternative: Badaboom. Nukem for splash kills. A purple Torgue/Vladof for direct hits.

Sniper Rifles

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Source: Nel/Grinder/Weapon Vendors.
Specifics: As low level as possible.
Targeted Challenges: Get critical hits with SR.
Advantages: Highest projectile count per trigger pull/ammo spent.
Companion: Moxxi’s ammo regeneration drink buff.
Alternative: Low level M4 Glitch Dahl sniper rifle/Pitchfork/Dahl SR.

Source: World drop/Weapon Vendors.
Specifics: One for every element.
Targeted Challenges: Sniper Rifle challenges, DOT Second Winds.
Advantages: Highly accurate, low recoil, largest SR magazine, high fire rate, no splash damage.
Companion: Moxxi’s ammo regeneration drink buff.
Alternative: Best option if following the guide. If only for SR challenges, any sniper rifle with decent fire rate, recoil, and mag will do.

Assault Rifles

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M4 Dahl spinigun
Source: Claptastic Voyage chests/bosses/badasses
Specifics: As low level as possible.
Targeted Challenges: Get critical hits with AR.
Advantages: Highest projectile count per trigger pull. The Multishot glitch effect will not affect the fire rate.
Alternative: Low level Major Tom/Dahl minigun/Any Dahl AR/Any Vladof AR.

Source: Vendors/Chests/Grinder.
Targeted Challenges: AR challenges.
Advantages: Accurate enough to get critical kills and Second Winds.
Alternative: Any other assault rifle with decent stats and manageable recoil.


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Logan’s Gun
Source: Vendors/Chests/Grinder.
Specifics: Low level.
Targeted Challenges: Absorb ammo. Also used for RL ammo.
Advantages: Works well with Sham.
Companion: The Sham. Shoot your feet while having a Sham equipped to absorb the bomblets.
Alternative: Any low level assault rifle with the Torgue barrel (that makes it shoot rockets/grenades).

Source: Vendors/Chests/Grinder.
Specifics: As low level as possible.
Targeted Challenges: Get critical hits with pistols.
Advantages: High projectile count per trigger pull/ammo spent. High fire rate.
Alternative: Low level M4 Glitch Dahl pistol.

Source: World drop/Weapon Vendors.
Specifics: No scope (easier than using scoped pistols).
Targeted Challenges: Gunslinger (kill shortly after ADS).
Advantages: Excellent stats.
Alternative: Jakobs Revolvers/Any non-scoped Vladof/Tediore pistol with decent stats.

Source: Holodome Round 1.
Targeted Challenges: Pistol challenges.
Advantages: Pin-point accurate. Excellent stats. Reverse recoil. Closest thing we have to the Lady Fist.
Alternative: Any single-projectile-firing, accurate pistol with decent fire rate, recoil, and mag.


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Source: Drongo Bones/Grinder/Weapon Vendors.
Targeted Challenges: SMG Kills/Critical Kills/Second Winds.
Advantages: Pin-point accurate. Excellent stats.
Alternative: Cheat Code/Fast Talker/Torrent/Fridgia/Any SMG accurate enough to get critical kills.

Source: Reward for In Perfect Hibernation, in Veins of Helios.
Specifics: Dahl grip, Dahl stock.
Targeted Challenges: SMG and ice-freezing related challenges.
Advantages: Mandatory double projectile accessory. High freeze chance. No recoil. Mission reward.
Alternative: Fatale for SMG challenges. Too Scoops/Excalibastard for freezing challenges.

Source: Reward for In Perfect Hibernation, in Veins of Helios.
Specifics: As low level as possible. Dahl grip, Dahl stock.
Targeted Challenges: Get critical hits with SMG.
Advantages: Very reliable freeze effect chance. High fire rate. No recoil. Two projectiles. Mission reward.
Alternative: Low level M4 Glitch Dahl SMG/Fatale/Ice elemental Torrent.
Usage: Go in TVHM. Find an enemy with an easy to hit crit spot (e.g. Dahl soldier). Get close and empty your SMG ammo pool in his face. The Fridgia will keep him frozen for as long as you are shooting at him, and has high magazine, fire rate and two projectiles per shot, so you’ll be seeing the ‘critical’ notification constantly.


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  • Over Achiever (Long range SG kills) is unlocked by completing 5/5 of Take It All (Point-blank SG kills).
  • Shotgun weapon parts guide

Source: Veteran reward. How to get lvl 50 variants.
Targeted Challenges: Shotgun challenges.
Advantages: Highly accurate. Reverse recoil makes Second Winds easy. Excellent stats. Ammo efficient.
Alternative: Any ammo efficient, fast-firing accurate shotgun will do.

Update 1.0.6. has removed the exploit of getting it at higher levels. Go with another Hyperion shotgun.

Source: Veteran reward.
Specifics: As low level as possible.
Targeted Challenges: Get critical hits with SG.
Advantages: High mag and fire rate. Ammo efficient. Can be obtained at lvl 0.
Alternative: Low level Hyperion/Jakobs shotgun. Any low level shotgun with good fire rate will do.

Class Specific

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Generic Prestige build
Spec into Blood Rush for easier melee kills.
Femme Fatale/Gladiatrix/Dominator class mod for movement speed (skill: Mercurial).
Protector class mod for action skill cooldown (class mod’s bonus) and duration (skill: Hold the Line).

Generic Prestige build
Spec in Overcharge for ammo regeneration.
Spec into Laser Guided for Action Skill Duration.
Loaded/Savage Mauler class mod for action skill cooldown and movement speed (skill: Rapid Reinforcement), and action skill duration (skill: Auxiliary Tanks).

Generic Prestige build
Are you sure you want to prestige as claptrap?
Piñata class mod for ammo regeneration.
Coincidental Combustion may cause critical kills not to register properly. If you have specced into it, check your challenges to see whether they are registering or not.

Generic Prestige build
Spec into Pickpocket for some free ammo.
High Rollin’ Crapshooter class mod for easy critical hits and critical kills (skill: Tombstone), and chance for missed bullets to ricochet and still hit a target (skill: Trick Shot).
Relentless Desperado class mod for action skill duration (class mod bonus), and action skill duration (skill: Ruthless).

Generic Prestige build
Spec into Jack’s Cache for free grenades.
Spec into Sponsored By for general efficiency (reload speed/magazine size/accuracy).
Adding an element to another weapon may cause critical hit kills not to register. If you choose to do it, check your critical kills to see if they’re being counted.
CEO class mod for ammo efficiency (skill: Absolute Advantage).
Best Man class mod for magazine size (skill: Just Compensation).
Entrepreneur class mod for movement speed and shield restoration for Nova Shield Kills (skill: Winning. Use this spec instead).

Celestial Doppelganger class mod for action skill duration (skill: Best Foot Forward) and reverse recoil for non-Hyperion weapons.

Generic Prestige build
Celestial Baroness class mod for ammo regeneration.
Skip skills like Bitter Riposte and Winter’s Veil, as they kill enemies without counting towards any other challenges (weapon kills etc).
Skills that provide splash damage (Long-Range Killer, Wintertide, and Custom Loads) are bugged and currently prevent you from getting critical kills.
Also having the contract replace melee can be irritating when trying to do the melee challenges.

General advice

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  • Spec out of skills that will interfere with enemy kills, or result in wasted kills.
  • Spec out of skills that add splash damage. They will prevent critical kills from registering.
  • Check your challenge meters to verify that the challenges you are working on is actually registering.
  • For Roid Shield Kills spec out of skills that replenish shield capacity.
  • Double-jump all the time. Its challenge will complete itself.
  • Complete challenges in Normal Mode. Doing challenges in TVHM is going to take more time, since you won’t kill enemies as fast.
  • Set up your character’s build towards movement speed, reload speed, accuracy, magazine size, fire rate etc. You don’t need damage buffs in Normal mode.
  • Picking up a weapon/grenade mod replenishes a portion of its ammo pool (Launchers give 3 rockets, other weapons give 30 bullets, grenade mods give one grenade). If low on ammo, use another weapon type or pick up trash weapons for more ammo. Don’t use weapons that consume multiple ammo per shot, like quad shotguns, or pistols with the double accessory. You don’t need the extra damage, but to be ammo efficient.
  • Finish Direct Rocket Hits, Tediore Reloads and Spike Shield Kills before you focus on Weapon Kills. Easier done with creatures.
  • Complete all grenade challenges and all shield challenges early in your run, so you can focus on weapon challenges.
  • Use a Cannon/Grenade to down yourself and get second winds now and then. DOT Second Winds are easier done in specific areas, so try and focus on weapon and Badass second winds throughout your run.
  • Whatever you are doing with weapons, try and aim for critical spots.
  • Pick up every item you see. There is no Winged Storm in TPS, so the farming challenges will have to be completed the hard way.
  • If an area-specific challenge is easy to do, do it. It counts towards We Have a Contender, which counts towards prestige progress.
  • Don’t try to get many second winds back-to-back. The FFYL timer will run out instantly. Do two every few minutes or so.
  • Keep shooting/breaking stalker goo etc to work towards Open Lootable Objects. You’ll need the ammo anyway, and these are faster to open than actual boxes.
  • Keep checking your Challenge Progress every now and then. Finish off challenges that are very near to completion.
  • Regardless of order of weapons you use, don’t focus on plain weapon kills. Focus on Second Winds first, then Special Kills, then Critical Kills, then Kills.
  • When you complete Second Winds with a weapon category, move to another weapon category, until all weapon second wind challenges are completed. Then focus on special kills. When you complete weapon special kills and critical kills, focus on weapon kills, starting with the weapon closest to complete its Kill Enemies challenge.
  • Skip Tier 4 and 5 of Crouch Potato/The Daily Grind.

Step-by-step Prestige Guide

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Step 1. Go to Serenity Waste (Iwajira farm run).

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Serenity Waste loot map, by CountKarloff

Targeted Challenges (Do not leave the area until these are completed) :

⦁ Kill Kraggons
⦁ Kill Kraggon Badasses
⦁ Recover health
⦁ DOT damage challenges (4 challenges).
⦁ Tediore Reload damage/kills.
⦁ Save money
⦁ Collect cash drops
⦁ Pick up Blue/Purple Items.
⦁ Vehicle drift kills

  • Equip trash items and a trash weapon, and keep your inventory full. This way you can insta-equip one thing while dropping another, instead of picking up, opening the inventory, and dropping the item to make space for more.
  • Insta-equip every single thing that drops. Pick up Weapons and Pick up white/green Items will be completed elsewhere.
  • You will also get some progress in critical hit challenges, as well as Deal melee damage while airborne.
  • Kill the kraggons while jumping, with grenades, rocket launcher, butt slams, anything to get some progress into. Also have your Action Skill activated.
  • Iwajira is resistant to corrosive, so get all other elemental DOT damage challenges on him and leave corrosive for someone else.
  • You can kill Iwajira with a second wind to work towards Badass Second Winds. This will also work towards Recover health.
  • Iwajira will occasionally drop the Thingy rocket launcher. You need eight legendaries and seven purple items to drop, in order to go to the grinder and achieve Get Legendary Items. (You will have to grind the legendary weapons that the grinder gives).
  • You can skip Get Legendary Items if you did not get enough Thingies from Iwajira. There are lootbugs in the DLC, and they can drop legendary skins.
  • Use a moon buggy to drift into packs of kraggons.
  • Iwajira will also drop plenty of moonstones, which you will need, in order to work towards Buy items with moonstones and Perform Moonstone Grinds. Grind three white items, it requires the least amount of moonstones.
  • Use a Min Min Lighter to work on Kills with barrels, and Tediore reload damage/kills. Only kills with the main projectile count as barrel kills, but it is still much easier than to actually aggro enemies near barrels and kill them with those.

Step 2. Go to Concordia

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Targeted Challenges (Do not leave area until these are completed):

⦁ Buy Items of the Day
⦁ Buy items with moonstones
⦁ Pick up Legendary Items

  • Go in Normal mode, to buy the cheapest items of the day.
  • Grind the legendaries you got from Iwajira to complete Pick Up Legendary Items.
  • Sell everything you buy, to get a head-start in Sell Items.
  • For Sell Items, you can set some legendary items to favorite, and use the “Sell all non-favorite items” button. Vendors only store twenty items for you to buy back, so don’t sell more than twenty at a time. Every time you spawn in an area, sell 18-20 items using this method to get to tier 3-4 of the challenge. Tier 5 is not worth the effort.
  • Buy Moxxi drinks to do Buy items with moonstones. You can either buy as many as you can at once, or buy them a few at a time and get some use out of the last one you buy. If you want to use one, buy it last. Lemon Lime & Bullets (ammo regeneration), Penargilon Kangaroo (Fire rate, reload speed, swap speed), and Hot Gazpacho (Elemental effect chance) are arguably the most useful, but note that these last for 30 minutes, so to take advantage of that you may have to adjust your sessions accordingly. Unless you don’t mind spending moonstones all the time.
  • Buy items with moonstones will take several sessions in Concordia to complete, since you will need far more moonstones than you can carry. The Sentinel and Iwajira will cover your moonstone needs.
  • Moonstone chests and moonstone grinds also count towards Buy items with moonstones. Chests are not worth the price, but moonstone grinds have a challenge specific to them, so you’ll get progress in that too.
  • You can gamble at the slot machines, for some loot. Especially for White Items, it is significantly faster to do it this way. You will also get greens, blues, and maybe even more, along with some moonstones. Getting the Jackpot counts towards Do Many Challenges.

Step 3. Go to Outlands Canyon/Titan Industrial Facility

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Outlands Canyon loot map, by CountKarloff
Titan Industrial Facility loot map, by CountKarloff

Targeted Challenges (Do not leave the area until these are completed) :

⦁ Grenade Kills (All Challenges).
⦁ Shield Challenges.
⦁ Rocket Launcher Challenges.
⦁ Action Skill Kills.
⦁ Kill Swagmen
⦁ Destroy scav jet fighters. (Outlands Canyon)
⦁ Buttslam damage/Kills
⦁ Deal melee damage while airborne
⦁ Kill Torks
⦁ Kill Tork Badasses
⦁ Kill with stationary barrels

General Tips

  • You will also work towards Kill Scavs and Explosive Kills.

  • Since explosive weapons are not that efficient for prestige runs compared to other available weaponry (consult the Top Gear section), you will be better off having explosive secondary gear: transfusion grenade mod, MIRV, rocket launcher, Tediore SMG/Pistol. You need 1000 explosive kills for this. Explosive Kills can be completed elsewhere, with Rocket Launcher Direct Hits, Tediore Reload Kills, Spike Shield Kills, using suitable explosive gear.

  • Get used to buttslamming groups of enemies as often as possible.

  • Jump before shooting with a rocket launcher or throwing a grenade, to work towards Kill while airborne.

  • Also jump before hitting with melee.

  • There is a guaranteed Swagman in Stanton’s Liver, and a very high chance of a Tork Empress to spawn. She will give birth to small torks every few seconds indefinitely, which helps get challenges like Take it all (Point-blank Shotgun Kills, or Gunslinger (kill with Pistol after entering ironsights).
    Grenade kills

  • Use only grenade mods that count towards specific grenade challenges.

  • If you’re low on grenades, start getting rocket launcher and shield
    kills, until you have replenished your grenade stock.

  • A Bomber Oz Kit will help immensely with grenade challenges, thanks to its chance for free grenades.

Shield Challenges

  • For Roid Shield Kills spec out of skills that replenish shield capacity and out of skills that improve recharge rate/delay. Remember to also disable your Badass Rank, so you don’t interfere with the recharge delay of your roid shield.
  • For Roid Shield Kills, hold a bladed weapon, to simultaneously work towards Melee Kills, and Bladed Weapon Melee Kills. Jump before hitting, to work towards Deal melee damage while airborne.
  • Absorb Ammo can be completed in less than two minutes: back up against a corner, and shoot your feet with a low level Logan’s Gun, while wearing the Sham. Alternatively, you can just have a Sham equipped for the rest of the areas you visit.
  • Amp Shield Kills can be completed effortlessly, if you equip an amp shield while obtaining Rocket Launcher kills. Literally any amp shield works, and if using a rocket launcher, you get multiple kills for every shot, even though the shot will drain your shield.

Rocket Launcher Challenges, Corrosive Kills

  • Using a Corrosive rocket launcher on tork swarms will get Corrosive Kills, along with Rocket Launcher Kills, Long-range Rocket Kills, and Splash Damage Kills. Shieldbasher will have to be achieved on scavs/soldiers/guardians/stalkers. Have your action skill activated to get Action Skill Kills. Equip an amp shield to simultaneously complete Amp Shield Kills effortlessly. Any Amp Shield will do, since there is no Bee in TPS.
  • For Rocket Launcher Second Winds, just go next to an enemy, aim at your feet, and shoot. The splash damage will down you, and simultaneously kill enemies to give you a second wind. No need to worry about the FFYL timer running out.
  • A non-corrosive rocket launcher means that you’ll have to have other corrosive weapons to get Corrosive Kills.

Action Skill Kills

  • While obtaining long-range rocket kills, Shield Kills, and Grenade Kills, have your action skill activated to get Action Skill Kills. All kills during your action skill count towards the challenge.
  • Do not stop killing, waiting for the action skill to cooldown.If available, equip a suitable class mod to increase action skill duration or cooldown.

Barrel kills/Tediore reload damage/kills

  • Kill enemies with the main projectile of the Min Min Lighter for barrel kills. Only reload the weapon when it has depleted its magazine. Tediore kills are easier with lasers, since the blast radius is higher than that of other weapons.

Step 4. Go to Eleseer

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Eleseer loot map, by CountKarloff

Targeted Challenges (Do not leave the area until these are completed) :

⦁ Kill Opha Putti.
⦁ Kill Eridian Guardian bosses.
⦁ Kill Eridian Guardians.
⦁ Get critical hits (all weapon categories except launchers)
⦁ Get critical hits while airborne
⦁ Collect cash drops

  • The Raid Boss is currently the enemy with the largest critical hit location. Use your low level weapons on his face.
  • Get Critical Hits (for all 6 weapon types) can be easily obtained with low level cryo weapons and an enemy with a big head. Get in their face, and keep shooting. They will freeze and be immobile, and your damage will be too low to kill them, allowing for easy critical hits.
  • You will also work on some second wind challenges, if the Sentinel manages to down you (and if the second winds register).
  • For Collect cash drops, go in TVHM. If the raid boss is too difficult to kill, go farm Iwajira instead.
  • The Sentinel will also drop plenty of moonstones, which you will need, in order to work towards Buy items with moonstones.
  • Kill Eridian Guardian bosses, and Kill Eridian Guardians can be completed with little effort, if you leave the mission Guardian Hunter unfinished. It provides an unlimited supply of badass guardians (the Elder Opha and Opha Superior), but will have to stay active in your inventory.

Step 5. Go to Lunar Launching Station

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Lunar Launching Station loot map, by CountKarloff

Targeted Challenge (Do not leave the area until it is completed) :

⦁ Kill Lost Legion Powersuits

  • You will also work on Kill Lost Legion Infantry and Kill Lost Legion Badasses.
  • Kill Lost Legion Powersuits can also be completed with little effort in Titan Robot Production Plant. The robots she spawns count towards the challenge and she spawns quite a lot of them (discovered by LucyFiasco).

Step 6. Go to Veins of Helios

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Veins of Helios loot map, by CountKarloff

Targeted Challenges (Do not leave the area until these are completed) :

⦁ Kill Boils
⦁ Kill Lost Legion jet fighters.
⦁ DOT Second Winds (all elements)
⦁ Kill unaware enemies with Sniper Rifles

  • Down yourself, and shoot the Boils in the head with an elemental weapon that has no splash damage. The shot will cause no damage, but hopefully will get a dot to kill the boil and get you an elemental DOT second wind.
  • You will also work on Kill Lost Legion infantry and Kill Lost Legion Badasses.
  • In Lazlo’s area, in the room with the console, and air-lock exit with a suit of armor next to it, enemies will spawn indefinitely. Use the yellow suit infected enemies for DOT Second Winds, and the rest for challenges like Butt Slam Kills, Point-blank Shotgun Kills, or Gunslinger (Quick Ironsight Pistol Kiils).
  • Use the same room for Kill Unaware Enemies with SR. Stay in the adjacent room, the one that had Lost Legion and Infected enemies. Approach the spawn room, to get an enemy to spawn, and back off a bit. If he forgets about you, go near the door, wait for him to walk into your sights, and snipe him. If he pursues you into your room, run around the block of stairs to the left of the opening that gets you in the spawn room. Enemies will forget about you and walk back, giving you a perfect chance to snipe them.

Step 7. Go to Hyperion Hub of Heroism

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Hyperion Hub of Heroism loot map, by CountKarloff

Targeted Challenge (Do not leave the area until these are completed) :

⦁ Kill Lost Legion infantry
⦁ Kill Lost Legion Badasses

  • Finish off Lost Legion enemies, while also working on weapon kill challenges.

Step 8. Go to Triton Flats

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Triton Flats loot map, by CountKarloff

Targeted Challenges (Do not leave the area until these are completed) :

⦁ Kill Shugguraths
⦁ Kill Rathyds
⦁ Kill Scavs
⦁ Kill Scav Badasses
⦁ Destroy vehicles while in a vehicle
⦁ Run over enemies with a vehicle
⦁ Kill enemies with a vehicle turret
⦁ Kill enemies with Stingray slams

  • Use a moon buggy with the homing missiles to get Kill enemies with a vehicle turret.
  • You can skip Tier 5 of Destroy vehicles with a vehicle. The first 100 complete 4 levels of the challenge, and then you need another 100 just for level 5.
  • Finish any weapon challenges that are near completion. You should be near enough. Check what you’re missing and go in an appropriate area to complete it. More on this later.

Step 9. Go to Cluster 99002 0V3RL00K (Claptastic Voyage DLC)

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Cluster 99003 0V3RL00K loot map, by CountKarloff.

Targeted Challenges (Do not leave the area until these are completed) :

⦁ Kill Insecurity Forces
⦁ Kill Software enemies
⦁ Kill enemies with volatile bits
⦁ Pick up glitched rarity items
⦁ Open glitch loot chests

  • This map contains everything you need for the added challenges of the DLC. The town of Overlook is heavily populated, considering its size.
  • There are many glitch chests, and Denial subroutine will drop a guaranteed glitched weapon.
  • You could go to the Mutator Arena and do everything there. Doing a round counts towards “Do Sidemissions”, selecting difficulty gives “Do Optional Objectives”, there are both enemy types you need, as well as Volitile Bits, and you can choose Modes that give Glitch chests.

Challenges to be avoided

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Some challenges are too demanding. You do not need to do them, as they will take a lot of time, and there are others to do.

  • It’s better to avoid challenge levels, than challenges altogether.

Do Optional Mission Objectives can be done by doing mutator Arena runs, and selecting a difficulty.

Do Sidemissions can be done by doing either Mutator Arena runs (which can also give “Do Optional Missions”), or doing the Holodome Badass Round.

130 challenges makes 650 challenge levels.
So, 130 challenges, minus 2 = 128 Challenges, or 640 Challenge Levels.
640 - 552 to Prestige = 88 Challenge Levels do not have to be completed.

With the Claptastic Voyage DLC:
675 - 578 to Prestige = 97 Challenge Levels do not have to be completed.

I recommend avoiding:

The Daily Grind: Grinding is easy, but finding a ton of weapons is not.
Crouch Potato: Same as BL2. Tier 3 is enough.
Tier five of enemy kills, if it is higher (or close) than the other 4 tiers combined.

Closing note

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That’s all for now. If you have any suggestions on gear, alternative areas/tactics etc, or other information relating to prestige in TPS, say something inspirational, y’all.


Thanks for bringing this over. Just got to reset (I swear it was at 555 though) and am trying to get as many of the tedious challenges as possible to 4 before UVHM playthrough.

Finally ported everything.

Loved your BL2 one, liked your TPS one in the old forums, also like this one. There still has to happen some tweaking but it even says WIP in the title. Am mainly trying to get quotations to work on mobile, will try and state the things I would improve once I am on PC. Big ups.

Why buy items with moonstones first? If moonstone grinds count as “buy items with moonstones”, wouldn’t it be advisable to attempt that challenge before the more general “buy items with moonstones”? Why buy items of the day first? Iwajira farming (which is entirely feasible even on TVHM) nets you a nice wad of cash without having to “prestack” money for this very first challenge. Just put the first step challenges under the second step challenges.

Also, selling items can be done easily by selling your entire backpack, then rebuying it, and doing this over and over. At least it was in BL2. 27 sold items in howeverfast you can press the button 28 times.

I will attempt to follow this guide once I finally prestige with either Jack or Nisha, then I will have some input on how to improve (at least the order in which you presented these challenges). I followed your BL2 guide - and boy, was it a grind. But it had to be done, no 100% without having prestiged once :smile:

Meh. Grinder challenges are boring.

Selling more than twenty items makes you lose stuff, because you can only buy back twenty I think.

But you could have a full backpack and set some items to favorite, and sell and buy back everything.
I’m assuming consoles have the “sell all non-favorites” button?

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If you’re in Normal, it’s gonna be easy to do Buy Items of the Day, assuming you’re not short on cash. You don’t need to farm Iwajira for money to do it.


380k on average per item says otherwise… Maybe I don’t have as much money because I barely farmed before attempting to prestige. 3,5m on a level 50 (not 60) won’t last me very long without farming Iwa, that’s why I suggested it. Thanks for switching it out, shows you care about criticism.

Also you’re right about only being able to buy back twenty items, completely forgot that. And yes, grinder challenges are boring and may even take longer than farming crouched kills… who would put the number of moonstone weapons gotten higher than the number of moonstone grinds performed?

This topic needs to be pinned!

Prestige #6


Exactly how do you do the wetwork challenge? Does the maylay shield have to go to zero? Can you then shoot enemies or do you have to melee them?

Use the lowest level, longest recharge delay roid shield you can find. I Use the the torks in the Titan Industrial Facility in normal mode. Let them chomp you until the shield depletes and smack away. The shield must be depleted to get the melee bonus and count. Use a bladed weapon to complete “captain cutty” and the regular melee challenge at the same time. Save/quit rinse repeat.

Thank you for the info. So basically I need the worst roid shield I can find? Seems wrong somehow.

Not worst. Low level with a LONG recharge delay.

This is what I recommend for roid challenges:

thanks again I will start hunting only 10 challenges left to prestige and that would be 5 of them, already finished captain cutty and martial


Double sticky! yay! :slight_smile:

I’m on holiday and the Wi-Fi here is laggy. Can barely type.