Step up your Events Gearbox

Hear me out Gearbox, You made an event right? Two so far from both weeks of October, and they are pretty hyped up. Everyone is excited, until they actually play them. We have some problems.

  1. This is supposed to be a multiplayer focused game. Why have you not fixed it that when we quit to the main menu, we get separated from our party. People are farming on their own because reinviting people is so garbage, every kill.

  2. The drop rates…jesus christ man, I’m gonna need you to increase it by more than 5%, the drop rates should be up by like 35/50%. If my luck is 24%, i want to have a 50/50 or 60/40 chance for the drop to appear. I want to be able to get multiple of them, compare and get a better one. Not do 20 runs and maybe get 1 copy.

  3. The spawn rates - what the hell, I understand you’ve “increased” the spawn rate, why the hell would you not GUARANTEE THE SPAWN RATE. Imagine, going to loot the special named miniboss and him not being there 3/4 times DURING the event!!

PS - Please add more inventory and fix Console menu lag, there’s been 2 patches so far and i’m hoping patch 3 will have massive improvements to the echo loading times


well its a bit low drop rate for normal players, I killed troopers so far like 50 times and got 5 class mod, 1 was for FL4K which I need rest I didnt care, the one that was for me had ■■■■■■ stats, I think graveward boss is better.

I play mayhem 3 TVHM with 14.3% luck on guardian rank, luck relic with extra 12 luck on top of the relic, so I think I have the best luck you can possible get for this event, NO LUCK for ME :slight_smile:

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Thats what I’m saying, i’m the same, except my luck stat is 12/13+12 on top of Mayhem 3 is wtf… 500% loot is like 5 runs in 1 right!!! so where’s my leggo every time or every other time?

well the legendary mods seem to have a drop rate of like 3%, and with the mayhem 3 and all boost we get than it should be around 15% per enemy, but seems much lower than that, but RNG

in fact before the event I killed them a couple of times like 10 or so and got 2 legendary class mod, it seems this enemy already had class mods in theyr loot table, the event increase is so small we cant notice it unless we farm it for like 10 hours daily, but now its 100% guarantee spawn chance so theres that, better than nothing I guess.

I don’t think it is, no. It’s a singleplayer game that has multiplayer co-op, it’s not focused around multiplayer at all.

if you think that’s low, then you can’t have played many loothunt games. i think the droprates are pretty damn generous honestly.

3/4 is pretty damn good considering they only appear 5-10% of the time normally.

this i agree on, though i don’t think demanding shiet will get you anywere.

Back on the main topic? I mean, plenty of threads about hoped-for fixes already…

It appears the rare spawn event isn’t even out yet. Now the borderlands page says 3pm PDT. Which should be at little less than 2 hours from this post.

Tell that to the “so happy together” multiplayer trailer they made. I think it would be really nice of them to provide a “reset the map I’m on” feature. When we boss farm as a group, we instead travel from map to map to do it. If we want to farm the same boss multiple times in a row we have to quit from there and reload and have people reconnect. It’s kinda silly.

That said, I am happy that there are so many save points near bosses and that when you reload you come right back to the closest save.


Lol, they had to change the time to get it working right,lol

oh for sure, they should still make co-op play as seamless and hassle free as possible, but to say that it’s focused around multiplay is wrong, alteast that’s what i believe. i’d say most people actually play solo or splitscreen, where this isn’t a issue - it’s should say something about their focus too. but i agree, for sure - if they have multiplayer co-op then provide the best experience for those people aswell.

huh?? road dog have spawned everytime i went there, every rare location have had spawn actually :S


hm yea they should get it right, graveward seems the main source for this event again, he drops class mods and relics also, almost every 1 to 3 kills

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They said it was 9am PDT and later updated their post to 3pm PDT.

In any case, the event is on now and it’s noticeable for me at least. Force troopers are 100% spawning now and seem to have about 1/3rd chance per run of dropping of a legendary class for me. There are five of them though, so that likely helps the efficiency/odds. Their actual drop rate per trooper might be closer to 10% or something. None of these numbers are accurate. Just off the cuff guesses based on my limited sample set.

Closed at OP’s request (since post was made before the event was fully rolled out)