Steps get stuck on in game videos

Anyone else having the issue in the game every time there is a video played on an in game screen it stops the next step from triggering because the video never plays but the audio does? Examples: Intro, Cult following, when you first get on the ship, and hostile takeover? I never can see the picture on any of these on the game screens and same when lilith speaks into my head I just see a white blob at the top of the screen. The only way I have been able to get past it is to join matchmaking into someone elses game who is past that step.

same issue. I hope somebody have solution. I started the game on Windows 7. Then i hadn’t any problem with the game. I installed Windows 10 because in 7 the game was slower. Any idea?

HI! I solved the problem :smiley: i installed the video feature pack and the silverlight. I don’t know what solved the problem but solved :smiley: good game for everybody

Yea I just saw something on Reddit about Video Feature Pack fixing the issue. I only downloaded that and the problem was solved. I appreciate the info!