Sticky longbow singularity anyone?

I need one under lvl 58. I will give almost anything. Been farming for one for weeks and I’m going crazy.

Why sticky? Those are the worst singularities IMO.

Because I need it to stick to a ceiling. I’ve died 100 times trying to kill gee and I’m going to eventually smash him in the door for sweet sweet video game revenge. I cannot find this specific grenade and I’ve been searching for waaaay too long. I’m pretty persistent in my quest for video game completion, but this…this is the worst.

Any longbow singularity should work. You just pull him closer and closer. It takes about 4-5.

Trying to find any specific purple rarity gear is a test of patience. I have a Hyperion only zero, my “holy grail” is a win-win fire synergy with either vladof or Hyperion grip. I have yet to find a fire synergy above green rarity let alone the parts I want. Good luck.

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Can’t get him over the bump without sticking one to the ceiling.