Still a remarkable game

I hadn’t played BL1 for a long time, but after seeing Joltz do a funny moments series on Bl1, dusted off the disk and started afresh.

After all these years its still a remarkable game. Sure it has a couple of irritations, not moving in FFYL is one, can be a bit lumpy on scaling at times, find the vehicles not so fun to drive and quite weak, and it seems like we do cover a lot of ground during the missions. There a couple of other things but all in all its a still a great game.

It is a shame they didn’t remaster it, I think the game itself didn’t need much fixing, and a couple of updates to take advantage of the new consoles would allowed a new generation of gamers to embrace it.


All very true


There is a possibility they’ll remaster it. But I’m not sure if they will.

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Its a shame it wasn’t included in the handsome jack collection.:crying_cat_face:


Indeed it is. The atmosphere and loot system are both brilliant.


I got properly into Borderlands 1 quite late.

I had played one play through as Mordecai on release on xBox360 (before PS3 became my main; well PS4 now), but I somewhat rushed through and missed a lot of stuff.

I started a playthrough once on PS3 with a GOTY edition that had all the DLCs, but got distracted by life and other games.

So, in the new year of 2015, while I was still playing The Pre Sequel (UNDERRATED!!!) I dusted it off and gave it a serious go.

This was after thousands of combined hours in BL2 and TPS.

It blew my mind how amazing it was.

To this day, it still remains my favourite Borderlands game, although the story and characters were admittedly far superior in BL2 and TPS.

But that insane loot system, the crazy weapon system (before the weapons manufacturers “specialized” into gimmicky bull poo), the jarring, impactful “chunks and thuds” of the combat, those insane elemental death animations, the top notch DLCs (minus the Boredom-dome)…all so classic and perfect.

The ClapTrap Revolution DLC was my favourite, but Dr Ned and Knoxx were both amazing also!

I sadly only ever got a Maya and a Mordecai to max level (they were also the only two I defeated Crawmerax with), but i did the Crawmoury glitched farming run multiple times daily with my amazing-stats Double Vengeance toting SMG Goddess Lilith for three months straight.

I had an amazing collection of gear for all character types spread across dozens of mule characters.

Despite having hundreds, possibly thousands of Legendaries and a few dozen Pearlescents, I never ONCE saw an Eridian Weapon above Green rarity.

That is terrifying!

Ah, the nostalgia…

Back on the old forums, I had a discussion thread detailing my Borderlands 1 experiences that led to being multiple hundreds of pages of posts long.

I think @amg_75 and @vaulthunter101 will remember that, as well as a few others!


I’ve gained a new respect for the Underdome. It’s quite difficult at times and after you have gained so many perfect weapons you’re just OP for everything else, but the Underdome will always give a challenge and it allows the OP weapons shine the best.


Actually a very valid point, fair enough!

Well said, thanks.