(Still available) Giving away several Nukem, Gunerang, Hornet, Lucky-7, Boomer and DLC Com

-Please read- I will now stop hoarding items because I think these are enough for now BUT I have all of them on a different character and will keep them all till atleast the next content drops so if anyone wants something you can still get it!

I know these are guaranteed drops, but I’m farming atm so I figured maybe someone wants them, instead of ending as vendor trash.

Just comment which one you want and leave your GT, so I know who wants what and send me a friend request and I will mail it to you, when I play tomorrow. My GT is TheEndLeviathan

If you want you can send me a purple rocket launcher, so I can make some cash but you don’t have to :slightly_smiling_face:

- If there is a pic, it’s still available -

Just added you. I’ll take the mod and lucky with +10 crit dmg and reload speed together please and thank you. GT, yipikiya

I would love the Lucky 7 with the SNTL anointment. GT Chase D Gamer 08. Thx Tom

@YIPIKIYA There you go.

@ferrillthomas You are Chase D Gamer08 right, without the space before the 08? If so I sent it.

Have fun.

Oh and BTW if anyone wants me to hold onto some Boomers or Golden Rules for them just let me know :slightly_smiling_face:

If i run up on one i’ll send it. And again a big thank you.

@YIPIKIYA Your welcome.

I don’t have a Boomer right now but if one drops while farming tomorrow I will send it to you and let you know.

Edit: I don’t need them myself.

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@YIPIKIYA Is a fire Boomer okay?

Shine yeah! Appreciate all your doing. What can i help you with in return?

I’m just happy to help, but if I ever need someone to play co-op with, maybe I will let you know. But don’t feel obliged to do anything :slightly_smiling_face:

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I haven’t tried coop yet. Wonder if it’s better now a days?

I’m personally still waiting that they patch the co-op bugs, since having them once but from what I could gather from the web and my friends the normal Xbox One seems to have the least bugs/problems of all consoles/pc.

But like I said, you owe me nothing : )

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Gotcha. I need to upgrade mine, it’s a original model.

Are you sure because the One X has more bugs and the new Xbox Series X (should have sticked with Scarlett) might be backwards compatible? and comes out in less than a year.

Actually I need to check lol. Was a gift.

For reasons only know to RNGesus I got only fire Boomers today, and a single Lucky with 5x scope.

The searing trained boomer would be great to have. :wink:
GT dafatman911

Thank you so much for being so generous!

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Thank you for writing the exact name, makes it easier for me to find it :heart:

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Hello. If i made it before the cuttoff. I would love all or any piece… xbox one - gamertag HazeDaze421

@wyoron25 You want every single thing? I would like to hold onto some things incase someone else needs something. But I can send you a Boomer and a Lucky if you want althought you would have to wait a little because I won’t play until ca. 10h from now :slightly_smiling_face:

Wow that definetly made me look greedy as hell… my apologies. I only thought it was like a 3 piece set. But i was raised to believe that beggars can’t be choosers. So whatever you feel ishould have. :slight_smile: :nerd_face: