Still bugs me, Pop the Destroyers head

Still can’t get a good grip on what works for each character.

Any of you nail this thing?

I’ve done it with several characters but never with others.

btw for those that don’t know, this is one of the Mike dlc challenges.

I never played it, but from past posts on here, I think you need to get a critical hit on it. So it may best to do this one with someone like Marquis or Whiskey. I don’t think Benedict and Kid Ultra can do this one unless KU can somehow use his Bola to do it.

…Might not be crits, Pop might be a melee hint.
No matter what I’ve done with Alani it fails.
Dragon however I have done.
As for specific characters, that’s something that bugs many of us.
There are those of us who do each dlc with every character so missing on key info is frustrating.

No it’s criting his head until it pops, you’ll see his head kinda shine when it’s about to pop.

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I’m slowly getting done with the first DLC with every character I might start paying attention to what needs to be done for everything. So far with Thrall Rebellion, it seems everything can be done with every character. Some are just harder than others.

I actually managed to do this with Attikus of all characters once. That was… not fun.

Be wary - if you have a high-damage character like Thorn or Marquis, then you’ll actually end up killing the Devourer faster than the crits can register if you even manage to get any.

Query: Is it me, or do many enemies in both Battleschool and Demon Bear have really odd hurtboxes now? I just ran Demon Bear as Deande and many of my attacks were going right through (or past, in some odd cases) the enemies. :confused:

There is something wanky in the Demon Bear fight.
Would sure be nice if we had a console and could show hitboxes. :wink:

…So, Alani can’t crit?

She can, quite easily in fact. As can melee characters.

It’s only completely impossible with Benedict and Ernest. KU wll also have problems since you can only crit with Bola Snare.

Or quick melee - but that’s a death sentence to these characters.

Ah, you’re right. I keep forgetting about that.

Thanks for all the tips and pointers.
I’ve done each dlc with each character at 100 OPs on two accounts now.
Trying to figure this stuff out is a real head scratcher.

“Pop” the Destroyer’s head…? POP THE DESTROYER’S HEAD?!



It’s critting that does it. Ghalt is your best friend.

Basically, if you’re Kid Ultra, Benedict, or Ernest, you are going to have a really, really hard time.

Of the three, Kid Ultra may have the easiest time, since Bolas can crit. But have fun trying to aim it to crit. If you specced Bolas to bleed, then you’re pretty much screwed.

Melee characters can pop the head too, I had the easiest time with Phoebe due to her Blade Rush and striking range with her sword.

If you got “Don’t Die” simultaneously, well, it becomes a crapshow really, really quickly.

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Hitboxes are weird but mostly for melee characters. Doing the Mike Op or the Montana OP as Rath is annoying. You can do your ult on the alpha bear and not hit it once, same with the keikigani boss version in Mike.

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