Still burning alive on the archive

Just played it, after the release of the battle plan, and I was on fire for about five minutes. I was Montana so I didn’t die, I was just constantly burning slowly

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Did the hotfix go through yet? Just because the plan was posted does not mean the hotfix is applied right then.

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The other weeks with the hotfix and patches the servers went down when they went out and we got a lot of threads here wondering why the game went down.

I have yet to see those, so either gbx fixed that or the fix isn’t live, I don’t know the answer to that though.

Did you download a patch before playing? Does a hotfix include a patch that needs to be downloaded in the first place?

hotfixes are kinda like micropatches that download automatically when you start the game. I just don’t know if it went live yet.

It would be nice if they posted when the hotfix goes live so the community is aware.

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2 pm Central Time