Still cannot access Maliwan Takedown after Hotfix on Xbox One X

I’m still trying to access the Maliwan Takedown. I haven’t been able to get into it since it became available. I’m playing on Xbox One X. I don’t get the time to jump on here often, so please–if this has been addressed already, no snide remarks. Thanks!

jan 16 to jan 30 is the scaling.

Has the game been completed?

Just to check: there’s a terminal thing on Sanctuary on the deck directly below Maurice. That’s where you access the initial mission to go to the galaxy location (via the bridge). Once you’ve done that you should be able to drop-pod (and subsequently FT) down to the site and start fighting through the map.

How far have you got through that sequence of steps?

(Moved to XBox tech support)

I’m level 50 playing on TVHM. I see in the videos there is an exclamation point on the map, and the terminal is lit up green. Well, my map doesn’t have an exclamation point and the terminal is dark. I’ve already played through the entire game twice–on Normal, and TVHM. But never played Maliwan Takedown. Thanks for replying everyone! :grin:

Weird. Did you complete the TVHM story play-through before or after the initial release of Maliwan Takedown? If before, maybe try doing the XBox cache clear (power reset)?

I’m probably going to try Takedown in NVHM again this weekend if you want to try joining someone else’s game to see if that unlocks it for you.

Ok I’ll try clearing the cache

Now that I’m thinking about it, I may not have not beaten the Destroyer yet on TVHM. I think I jumped right on Moxxi’s DLC. That may just be it! Thank You!

Thanks for your help. I got into the Maliwan Takedown!

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