Still can't play the game

Ok. So I paid for this game and it won’t let me play it. Every single time I try and log in after the title screen it just says “Player Initialization Failed”

Anyone else having the same problem or just me?

Same problem as you, tried deleting beta version and new game and reinstalling no joy

Man oh man, this game was right next to uncharted on the shelf and now it aint working. Got the same issue and im fed up!

I just got the game and I have the same problem. I just want to play.

So ticked off right now, honestly. I cannot play the game because of this “Player Initialization Failed” error i keep recieving at the title screen. Id love to enjoy the game. But this is seriously so frusterating.

Same here!

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Same here. Beta worked fine so didn’t expect any issue when I got the full game. If it ain’t sorted this time tomorrow it’s going back and getting swapped for Uncharted. GG Gearbox.

Haha same here dude! Totally swapping for uncharted!

Man wtf!? I just bought this damn game 20 mins ago and it will not let me play??!

Try 20 hours mate.

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Are you serious? Have you heard anything?

raised a ticket waiting for reply. TBH it’s looking like a PSN issue not a Battleborn one. Doesn’t seem to be able to deploy patches at the mo

You know what really grinds my gears, is the fact that Gearbox has not even posted any form of courtesy on their facebook page or website. This is a major international issue. I’m South African and I’ve seen posts of complaints from Australia, New York and the UK regarding the SAME error. You would think that something of this magnitude would be treated with the utmost urgency to find a resolution. There’s no communication with us (the clients). Could they not just post a public letter explaining the situation so that we the buyers can understand what’s going on. That way I might wait for the issue to resolve instead of refunding my purchase.

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