Still can't play Toby

I’ve played Battleborn for 33 hours already, it’s great game. But I had a few problems with character unlocks. First of all, when I should’ve unlocked Toby, Benedict unlocked instead. At first I figured it was some minor problem and it will fix itself after few hours, but unfortunately it did not. I’ve completed the Benedict unlocking challenge to try and see if it will unlock Toby, but it did not happen. So now it says I have finished Toby’s challenge and in Career it says he is unlocked, but I still can’t play him. Any idea what to do?

PS. It wasn’t my only problem with battleborn unlocks. I was also able to play Kleese without scoring silver on all missions or getting rank 36

Try entering a support ticket

I’m happy that my game ran fine out of the download. hopefully your issue gets fixed, Toby’s a good character, imo.