Still didn't fix the broken section of the UI that gets worse with scaling

You changed how the UI scales, but you still didn’t properly trim all the elements?

In the upper left corner is a container/frame for 3 buttons: Main Manu, Objectives, and Recall, arranged from left to right. Within this container, there is also empty space: below the Objectives/Recall buttons and to the right of the Main Menu button. (either this is the case, or you added an element which has no visual representation or functionality and failed to remove it. Either way…)

You cannot click in the area defined by the lower and right edges of the Main Menu button, and the lower and right edges of the Recall button. This is because someone did not properly trim the container/frame that holds these buttons. As you increase the UI scale, this container increases in size, and as a result, so does the broken/unplayable area.

This makes twice that I’ve posted about this on these forums, and once on the Steam forums. It should be an easy fix. Snap to it.

It’s that kind of tone that makes using the forums so rewarding.

Am I wrong? Bugs which affect your ability to interact with the UI should be a pretty high priority…

But you will note that I actually edited my post before your reply in order to “tone it down” slightly.

During my reply, and I do appreciate that. We’re aware of it (obviously) - but that’s really all I can say.

Ok, ok: “… before I was aware of your reply…” :wink:

But, thank you for the “we’re aware of it” reply. As long as it’s on the list, I’m happy (I’d had no previous indication (i.e. official response), and I try not to make assumptions).

The drag option is very nice but the scaling is not working. It scales “everything” and that’s not what’s needed. The left bottom box is the only part that really needs scaling. If we’re not going to be able to get a shipclass text and number list then we need a way to see what’s going on. To scale everything for the sake of one window… I personally would like to see the ship list and number option rather than the icons. The left bottom window isn’t big enough to display all of the units in a large group class. It isn’t big enough to display all the ship classes in the game, and it’s still too big when one ship is selected. A list and number option is very much more an aesthetic and intuitive option without cluttering up the screen. What is is about that window that no one wants to change it?

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lost the image

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