Still freezing. Guardian take down needs less effects

Seems that not only can I not use certain skills, but certain weapons are out. Was excited to use the Web Slinger, but apparently the GTD is just too graphics intensive to allow me to use what I want.

Too many ‘ghosts’, lasers, crystal lasers, auras, and of course all the needless environmental animations… Even with 4 easy modifiers and my graphics all set to ‘low’, I still crashed yesterday. It’s no wonder my game keeps crashing there, there’s so much going on that the addition of me and my skills seems to overload it.

I had wanted to farm for a globetrotter, but if I can’t get through the takedown with Zane… :confused:

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Crashed multiple times at the crystals already.

That on top of everything else and abysmal drops just make the whole experience pure agony.

I like the takedown. It’s the glitches and crashing that get me. Can’t vault moving platforms in multiplayer, can’t use certain skills, modifiers, or weapons, because the takedown itself is incredibly graphics intensive…
Also there’s the fact that technically only one player needs to make it to the boss, due to the teleportation, for better or worse XD

Adding M6 weapons was a nice touch. Would be good if they dropped from more than just the two bosses, but definitely a good step in the right direction.