Still getting network error on PC

Since launch, I am still getting the Network Error message. This affects getting keys and new content (as in no Bloody Harvest access).

I have an open ticket with support and they have not been helpful at all. They are saying sorry a lot, but not providing solutions or escalating this issue. Since they couldn’t figure it out, they simply said, it must be your ISP. I called my ISP and they said my internet access is unrestricted and no issues.

Troubleshooting steps thus far:
Checked internet speed (it’s 131 Mbps)
Hardware is good
Flushed DNS
Updated to Google DNS (
Turned off the firewall
Updated drivers on everything (NIC included)
Ran Epic and BL3 in admin mode
Went through event logs (clear)
Ran the Epic game verifier

Have I missed anything?? Everything on my end shows to be working normally.

Honestly, I’d like someone from Gearbox to contact me about this and either let me know this is a known bug or help me figure this issue out.

By the way, I never had an issue like this with Steam (just sayin).

The only thing I can think that you should check is your physical internet equipment; the modem, router, any and all Ethernet cables, the networking card and WiFi card in your computer. If any of the physical hardware has a fault, you might need a replacement. But that’s the only other thing I can think of.

Hardware is working properly and on current drivers.

What is your NAT setting coming up as? :thinking:

I know that Xbox 360 and Xbox One don’t like it at all when the NAT is set to Strict, so I can imagine some PCs could be the same way.

Sounds like your internet connection is fine, maybe software/config stuff :man_shrugging:
Can you log into the site?
Have you confirmed your connection to Epic on the above SHiFT website (disconnect then reconnect)?

Yes, and yes

Could you upload a screenshot of the error message?

When you said that the firewall is turned off, did you mean on the PC? Could there also be a firewall on the router?