Still getting the “Took Too Long To Start” bug on Xbox One X, tried everything - help!

I was actually supplied with a review code from Gearbox, since I was supposed to review the game for a danish TV-show. I should have reviewed it this Saturday, but I’ve barely been able to play it because I can’t get into the game 95% of the time.
I keep getting the message that “the game took too long to start”, but every now and then I’ve been able to get into the game after several tries. The few times I’ve been able to get into the game, I’ve experienced hard crashes however.
I only have this problem with Borderlands 3, and have installed multiple new games since getting this; all of them working without any issue.

I have tried re-installing the game on three different external hard disk as well as the internal drive, I’ve tried re-downloading it twice, I’ve tried power cycling multiple times, resetting the console, changing region, updating the console - nothing works. This is definitely not related to my Xbox, because as said, the problem only occurs with Borderlands 3.
What can I do?

Contact whoever sent you the review code and check what region they sent you. The only solution I’ve seen so far that affects this issue on XBox is switching the default region for some reason.

@VaultHunter101, Man, you are the best, a life saver, VH supreme :+1: :+1:
I broke down and did the update so I could participate in Rare Spawn Week. Well, after doing it, I got the above mentioned error screen everytime I went to start the game. I could not find a solution and then I saw your post. IT WORKED! I switched my XB setting to UK, let it do it’s restart and then switched it back to US. Game started, now I can go hunt.
Strange solution, bit it works and I’m damn glad it does.