Still have dc(s) in map voting on both pve/pvp

I’m just fed up with this I know it isn’t everyone but the more I see players dc’d and not rejoin at the beginning of maps. I know how they feel because it has happened to me. Constantly trying to rejoin, and to what get stuck back into the game with a random character and a random loadout. Sometimes there isn’t even a bloody loadout, and last game I put back in a match with a character that I MASTERED no mutations on that character. I made numerous posts about this issue in the past, still no help or answers. I’m using the NAT 1.0.3. that everyone else is using, and I can play other games just fine. This is my last post I’m out. I really liked this game I think it has more potential with it being more moba for it taking off the ground and really being a competitive online game with a gearbox spin. If you can not even get into games one out of four times, then why even get excited over a broken game. I’m gone for now, hope to see some info on some server fixes. if there is no news, then my hard drive needs space for future games.

glad to see im not the only one having problems, game has been playing unusually well all week, but i try to play tonight and I feel embarrassed having talked my wife into buying the game. I love everything about the game, but seriously this constant disconnection crap is completely ludicrous and humiliating.

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