Still having hitbox issues but only against alani

i dont play with guns anymore, because the hitboxes seem iffy in this game, but some games im forced to play sniper or something.

my aim is pretty good, i been playing shooters for over 10 years. I would say i have a pretty good shot. But some times i will have my crosshair right on alani, she can even be standing still… and the bullets will miss her.

its honestly annoying.

because not only is she super op in everyway, but now shes also the most op because her hitbox is the tiniest hitbox in the game, maybe its only 2 pixels wide because man she is so hard to hit with guns it seems like something is fishy.

but its all good tho because i just main as rath now and i can usually own alani really hard once i get my ultimate .

still… i would like to maybe play as oscar mike or marquis one of these days, but theres still lots of invisible walls that block your shots and the hitbox / lag issue makes playing a gun class not fun at al imo.

I have the same issue.

I have better luck with Orendi’s homing mutation but even then they seem to curve around her sometimes in a way like no other small or skinny Battleborn benefits from.

do you sometimes feel as if alanis hitbox is actually smaller than her visual mass? because i do. it seems like her hitbox is just way way skinny or something. like u gotta hit her exactly in the middle or she doesnt take damage

Yep, dead center with Whiskey and Oscar or no damage.

I would report is as a bug. It doesn’t sound like it is working as intended.

I would kindly point you to these videos, I think you are experiencing the same thing. Videos are stuttering. Game is running normally during the recording. Look at the bullets hitting the obstacles.




It is next to impossible having consistent hits. The smaller the body frame, the greater is felt the effect from the video.

looks more like bad connection as I never ever have that problem

Really? What are you playing on? PC or console?

console…I havent heard of pc having any frame rate problems…Might be a regional problem because if my game was like that constantly I wouldnt be able to play well. Does it do the same for melee characters…It just looks slugish. Not sure how to test it, Im sure someone will

It’s not the frames. Don’t have a proper video grabber so only the video stutters. During the recording, the game on PC was working normally. The point is in the bullets hitting the wall and floor.

Console…so that explains it partly. I theorize that the controller mechanic in this game is somehow programmed and tested on consoles first. That is why mouse and keyboard is not working properly on PC. There is some sort of strange delay across all distances, very consistent with how fast you are moving around and animation time. It is almost impossible to detect if you are moving like on consoles.

I don’t know about melee characters (probably the same, but harder to notice), but pushing the opponent with middle mouse button is also affected by it.

This!! Anything thing above her chest doesnt register hits. You have to almost aim at her waist to get a hit. This realy needs looked at.