Still here, still here, still here, still here


I’m still here.

(may it be stuck in yourvheads now, too)

The reference went right over my head.

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I want to see if anyone gets it.

Its from somewhere in TPS (including DLCs).

Su nioj. Su nioj. Su nioj. Su nioj. Su nioj. Su nioj. Welcome back!

This is all that got stuck in my head from this. Let’s see if you know the reference

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stares at thread funny

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Hell Awaits you for thinking I don’t know my Slayer!

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stares at Hell funny

Hint: You guys don’t know Jack!

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It’s at the beginning of the claptastic voyage, if you don’t go to meet Jack on deck 13 1/2!


We have a winner!

Your reward is…too much time on your hands?


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This thread surely is a wretched hive of scum & villainy!

whispers wrong joke, that is the music for winning…

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Oh my bad!

You need to change your user title to Thread Constructor xP

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I just may, one day!

Title: The Dave of all Threads.

(It says “Dave” as your title if you didn’t know…)

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The Dave abides…

The Republic of Dave.

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