STILL issues with incursion

The changes helped, but there’s still some problems and its related to the enemy being able to build your fallen towers. I just fought a team who built our fallen healing tower that has an outlet directly in front of our final sentry… They built and upgraded the healing tower, put 2 healers in there and the rest of the team attacked the sentry. It fell in less than a minute and they were being healed so quickly they were literally impenetrable— and they were in OUR base!!!

The community has been saying to stop letting enemies build the fallen towers inside bases!! It’s still a major issue!!

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Well don’t let them take the buildable. It’s nobody but your own teams fault that it happened. The station is easily kill able and doesn’t really heal a great deal.


Yeah, to me this is a case of one team outplaying the other, rather than an “issue” per se.

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Remember, there’s a huge opening in the other side of that area with the healing station completely exposed. You can easily go on the flank where there are no minions and go from behind and go to town on their team.

Cascading is the issue. There’s a reason no other moba gives you the ability to build the enemy team’s fallen towers-- if you destroyed their tower then they’re already at a disadvantage, if you build their tower, their movement and your fortification is increased-- double advantage. Yeah they outplayed us by taking our first sentry and destroying our tower, but once they built our stuff up it was way more difficult than it should have been to get back on our feet. In fact some mobas allow the second to last tower to respawn if the assaulting team doesn’t press the advantage within a certain time in order to counteract cascading-- but so far battleborn encourages it.

And flanking is an option sure, but the sentry falls so fast it didn’t matter when all 5 enemy players attack it from a fortified position with 2 healers and a healing tower allowing the damage dealers to keep pressure on the sentry.

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2 healers is usually uncommon from what I’ve experienced, that’s just their team composition.
In the late stage of the game, usually around Lv6-7+, buildables get destroyed in a matter of seconds.
Unless you lost your first sentry at the early stages of the game and they just built their sentries over yours, just remember that the shards they spent didn’t go towards their gear, and there is a cooldown period for building on top of what was just destroyed. But if you lost the sentry that early, you probably got outplayed.
Also remember that Battleborn isn’t a full-on MOBA, it’s MOBA-esque.

Hope this helps!

If you let two healers get in there and hold it chances are you were gonna lose anyways. Unless it’s an Alani then it doesn’t count cause she’s getting patched. Any two DD’s with AoE and/or crowd control can easily flush them out and unless your team was going one after the other to their deaths then you could’ve got them out. I’ve meen in situations where three of us pushed out 4-5 A well placed blight, grenade from oscar mike, and my wrath of the wild pushed them out, giving us two KO’s off the bat and the others running out to not try and die. Seeing as they didn’t have anyways to run they suffered greatly

I love that you can steal towers. I hope they never remove that. My issue is that this is a two point objective mission. It should be three. Snowballing is pretty strong at that point, only because it’s right outside the sentry. But it’s so easy to push back from there, or flank. Iunno, I love that feature, but maybe they could tweak placement.

I don’t doubt that there are some team compositions that could have contended with the will of Sauron here- but that’s not the point. The point is balance. Cascading is the result of imbalance. I actually think they’ve done a pretty good job of limiting the amount of level difference between players for the most part, it’s the sheer amount of damage and healing sources that the enemy team can get all at one time in the form of towers and its literally on the doorstep of the second sentry. The triple heal happening there was just stupid hard to resist, even with all our AOEs dropped on them. I mean I’m not saying I’m the best player, as if to say “there’s no way they beat me- it’s rigged”, but I’m a competent one, and I know that isn’t a setup for balance. And imbalance doesn’t have to come as the result of something that happens naturally in the course of a game–If any aspect of the game can be manipulated in a way that creates imbalance (aka cheese) then we’re talking about something that needs to be fixed.

I’m not talking about they were level 9 and I was level 4 Bc they outplayed me and I’m confused about why I’m losing-- I’m talking about a strategic position on the map where an evenly matched invading team can get heals and a dmg tower in addition to their full team of 5 standing there with full acces to your sentry. Taking a tower back from a full team while they’re being healed isn’t all that easy. That’s a spot on the MAP itself that leads to imbalance.

In fact if they put the healing tower outside the building somewhere it might even solve the problem.

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Well seeing as the objective for MOBA’s is to destroy the towers making them the objectives to push it would be terrible if they could be rebuilt.

In this game however if your sentry dies you cannot just build another one. If you destroy an enemy Sentry you cant just build one on their spot. What you are describing is not even close because…

  1. MOBA’s do not have buildables you can throw across the map.
  2. Towers in MOBA’s are objective based to defend/attack not option defense.
  3. This game isn’t a MOBA either.

Right, this game’s sentries are the comparable for towers in League.

I agree that they do need to move the healing station further away from the second sentry. Right now it is in a spot that is extremely difficult for the defending team to take back once it is taken by the attacking team. It also allows for the attacking team to group up and stay at full heealth while attacking the second sentry. They shouldn’t be able to get healed while attacking the objective by anything other than players.

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Personally, I would request that GBX not allow them to build your turrets in the first sentry area. Although I think the bigger issues with incursion are that the Sentry simply isn’t deadly enough and there isn’t enough punishment for diving in Incursion. Had a Rath chase me right past our sentries face pretty much back to our accelerator, that’s ridiculous. He should have died before getting that far back. I’ve already made my opinions about this clear on the forums though so I won’t repeat myself endlessly.

Honestly, I’m not too crazy about that spot overlooking the Sentry as it is a ridiculous good spot to attack the Sentry from that doesn’t involve the minions. At that point, a lot of focus gets lost from pushing minions and becomes about fighting over that ledge. I don’t really care for that as the game should be focused on pushing minions yet it is sometimes easier to take out the sentry by yourself. I think that’s sub-optimal design.

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Thank you. And the truth is for everyone saying “it’s not a moba” that’s a cop-out. The game is objective based-- kill the sentry-- and there’s an imbalance in how that objective is being achieved-- right now a strategically advantageous location on the map opens up to whichever team that takes sentry1 down first. That’s an imbalance, and it’s definitely happening, moba or not.

YES MAN! Yes. The fight becomes all about the ledge. And people can say “flank” all they want-- pushing your minions and flanking won’t matter when they can flatten your last sentry in less than 2 minutes. So the whole rest of the match becomes about fighting over that ledge-- and if you aren’t a very high level before that happens, you won’t get many minion kills after that meaning there’s potential for greater distances in level differences as well. It’s not a good map design.

There needs to be a map alteration-- no healing station there, or close the doorway, or make it one way in favor of defenders (though I see the potential for imbalance here as well).

  • and yes the fact that an enemy player can chase you back to your starting point is super ridiculous. There should be a shield that prevents them from following you past the first sentry area until the first sentry falls.

@jythri has the community voiced these specifics enough that it’s of concern to you guys?

While I do agree about the placement of the healing station being in a really bad spot, I still do think that the ability to purchase the towers should remain.
Just want to be clear on where I stand.

I’m down with that-- I don’t mind building towers, but either it doesn’t need to happen on enemy soil, OR they need to be better placed.