Still LF cloning maddening tracker granade

I have opq with under 50/150 radiaton

Would this be what you’re looking for?

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With a bonus of bouncy too, probably the most grenade hits I’ve seen in one grenade. If I’m not mistaken the two should split into three a piece which makes six, then those six should each bounce and detonate three times a piece which should be 18 hits overall

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Yeah, il take it if you want the opq

I’ll probably take it either way ,but out of curiosity, what’s the damage on it?

My bad bro, My dumbass thought you was on PlayStation. Could have sworn I was under the PS4 section. I don’t think borderlands has cross play does it?

No, don’t worry its ok

Weird though, I have the exact same OPQ all ready too, lol


Are you still looking for this grenade? I have 150 asa, 25 ogt and ase 50 rad