Still looking for more players xbox one

Hi, I play OM I love him so much, and I would like other competitive people that hate pugging. I keep adding people and then they stop playing :(. I want a group of 5 so we can dominate and have people that actually care about playing correctly. I play my character well and want the same from others. If you can’t figure out why you died 15 times in 2 min I’m not looking for you. Pugs suck and I feel like I only win when it’s me and/or 1 other super carrying the team while the other 3 are off humping a wall somewhere. I play a couple games a day during the week and more on weekends.

Add me: Emanate Danger. Myself and a few friends play a few games every night

add me, im almost always here: Tim JC Estrello

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pssst, even if you’re in a party of 5, you’re still “pugging” :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, I’d make the suggestion that you should check out the twitch streamers, there’s quite a few of us that play most days, and we grow our friends lists off of people from the streams, etc., it’s a great way to add a lot of players to your list, and we play privates with each other a lot.

Everyone’s welcome.

A good thread to grab streamer names from is here: All bb TWITCH STREAMERS come here!

The term Pug or pugging comes from when I played wow and I think that is when its from in general: RPGS. It is PICK UP GROUP and it is a term used when filling random people you don’t know into your group. If I find people on here then I know where they came from and probably their attitude, compared to someone I meet 90 sec before a match. So kind of close to pug but not really.

The everyone’s welcome part is exactly what I don’t want, but thank you. My post was a little light so let me rephrase : im an egotistical arrogant SOB, and im looking for people who are actually capable of mass destruction no mercy style ruthless gameplay.

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The point is, you’re pub-stomping randoms with no co-ordination who will rarely be in a pre-formed team… the other team is still in a “PUG” that’s my point.

The reason I linked you to the other streamers is because we like to put together balanced private games where we run 5v5s, but, I agree, it doesn’t sound like that’s what you’re looking for…

But best of luck in your search for players that just want to pub stomp though!

GT GeneralPrismX
I also have a topic on here as well there are some excellent players I’ve played with in the past few days

gt: Papito Panda . add me for pve!!

Been put off the game for a bit because of a lack of activity but it looks like it may be picking up a little again (hopefully), so I’m willing to get back into team play.

still looking? gt: janospalfi

Gt- BackStabbath666
Stopped playing for a good minute to play underclock while I waited for patch but been getting on more recently

if you’re still looking, I can hold my own more than enough with a decent range of characters. I share the sentiment about pugs. Give me an add if you’d like
GT Sumtinelse111

Hit me up, I enjoy 3-5 man teams! :stuck_out_tongue: I fill whatever slots are open now (tank, healer, etc.) or I freeball it if team comp permits.

Sometimes I like pugging to carry/attempt to carry newer players and help whenever they are brave enough to ask for it, but team play with mics is a lot more fun. :smile:

Edit: I usually play on Saturday nights 8pm CST through Tuesday afternoon. I work all other times