Still need more

I’d like to add some more friends. I’ve got all gold on pve except hardcore modes.
I’m very close to getting my 13 th lore finished.
Im up for pve or pvp.
I’m off for next 2 weeks. And I’m eastern time zone
I do have a mike

GT getmused

I am in the UK but off as well for the next week so will be on for long hours.
Just send a friend req and a message (notifications of friends is a bit bugged so message will fix that)

GT Plutonium Bug


masterblizak I’m in MN. I don’t get much play time, but if you see me on I’ll run one.

im on all day every day i mainly do pve i have them all gold in all modes most done solo since i have no one to farm with add me up Mr Caldarius

GT: Battiest Badger

I’m on nearly every day. US Eastern Time Zone.