STILL NEEDED! Anyone may host a game where i can farm the Circle of Duty reward?

basically topic.

wanna farm me a good Specter class mod and driving all the way there just to have one chance to turn the quest in, doesn’t do it for me.

anybody wanna help me out now or the next couple hours?

all you have to do is, drive to Circle of Duty once (doesn’t matter if you have any c.o.d quest active or not), invite me to party and game once and then you can do whatever you want. watch tv, read a book, grab some food, check the Internet or whatever :smiley:
i’ll hop in and out of the game by myself then.

send me a friend request: GT: LEX HARDCORE

I am pretty sure I have a character with this mission active and not fully completed. I can help out. not sure how much tho. I am currently hell bent on getting a max stat level 68 wee wee super booster shield. been farming for days, which I know you know. my notifications per game load must be getting irritating by now. lol I always think about that. my friends must hate me right now. all the dboarding i’m doing. lol

if you worry about your friends seeing you loading up the game all the time, just set your game to “appear offline”.
you can do this by pressing the xbox menu button, then all the way to the right to Settings, then preferences, then online Status. there you can set it to appear offline, and no one will get notifications when you load up the game, but no one can see you being on xbox live, though.

regarding my question: i think i just need someone to host the game at the circle of duty map for me, so i can jump in, turn in the quest, drop the reward if okay, sign out, come back in, turn in the reward, drop it, sign out…etc etc. until i get a maxxed stat one.
haven’t done it in a couple years, but i am quite sure that is the way, it used to work.

I’m down to try it. the mission is on one of my mules/throw away characters. so I’d be happy to load up that lilith and get there and invite you. I think I am in the middle of it as I keep dboarding so I don’t ever turn it in. The badasses in that area have dropped a couple pearls for me. that is the only reason I have it open. We can try this evening if you like?

well i can be online in about an hour, or whenever my girlfriends falls asleep on the couch next to me lol.

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I won’t be home for another 3 hours. I’ll look for you when i get home. :wink:

Edit: I am curious if your technique will work. : ) I am thinking it won’t. if you grab the mission reward if will take it from me as well. so when you jump back in, it will have been already turned in. I would have to dboard if you didn’t like the result. This is just my hunch, I am very curious to see if this works.

alright. you will see if i am on xboxlive then or not. since i am living in Germany, i am a couple hours ahead. it is currently 9.45 p.m. over here.

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edit: yours will be turned in, but mine will reset, whenever i sign out and back in. so it might be better, if you take a toon that doesn’t have that quest open.

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a little more than a couple. lol it’s 12:47pm for me currently.

ah ok. pacific time Zone then, i assume?

I am confused with this ^. I would have to have the mission available for me to host and you to join and turn in. if I have it completed, how would that work? am I missing something here?

yah. you basically only host the game in that particular circle of duty map for me, so i don’t have to drive to c.o.d. everytime i wanna turn it in. you are basically my fast travel then LOL. since when i join your game/Party again, i will be immediately at c.o.d

I get where you’re coming from, but still think this won’t work. lol

still very curious however. lets give it a shot. :acmaffirmative:


first of, i have to renew my Gold Membership. but i think i have a 2 days-trial Code laying around here.

LMAO… I surely hope so.

got it. found it in the Dying Light case.

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I think Kurt is right if he has the mission complete that it won’t work as you hope. But if Kurt hosts with a toon without the mission complete you should be able to do as your hoping too. I’m looking forward to the results of this from you guys so please do post how everything turns out.

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will post results. but we have to delay the session, since its getting really late over here in Europe.

maybe tomorrow. if Kurt isn’t able to host tomorrow, everyone feel free to let me know if you wanna help out.


I have a few Specter class mod. What stats you are looking for?