Still no FoV slider for console?

Been begging for this since beta…as have many others. I heard its standard on pc…why do we have to suffer so hard with melee heroes on console?

I dont mind if you disagree but this game would be 100 times better 3rd person…

I agree that consoles need wider FOV but what’s that got to do with third person? I’m confused.

Id prefer this game be 3rd person…ivthink it would be much better. However i always hear the same two excuses…either “borderlands was first person” or “you would be able to look around corners”.

  1. This isnt borderlands…
  2. Not an issue at all in any of the other third person games like this.

Anyways…since it doesnt seem that will ever happen…id just like the FoV slider that comes standard on pc. At least then melee characters might be playable.

All the guys i know on pc told me they put the fov at 100 and can see much better…so im assuming console gamers are at an inate disadvantage on top of being annoyed.

With current console hardware, you can pick one:

  • somewhat stable fps
  • larger field of view

But, seeing how BB is optimized, you might not even get stable fps. Thus, I wouldn’t hold my breath on larger fov - the hardware is just not able to keep up.