Still no good sniper rifles

All I want is a pure sniper rifle
Not a root or a sandhawk

Just something that can ohk on M10 or M11 with a well placed shot.

Not something that tickles with each headshot until you land enough to drop shield then drop health

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Monocle, Headsplosion, Krakatoa, Unseen Threat, Skullmasher, Cocky B, Storm, Firestorm, Lyuda, (Wedding Invitation). Take your pick :thinking::man_shrugging:

What would you say constitutes “a good sniper rifle?”

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I can understand where BrashSmurf is coming from. The best sniper rifles in the game don’t necessarily work as sniper rifles, where well placed shots would one shot enemies. The Jackobs line are probably the closest to this, but they are not as good as sandhawk or root. Though I have not tried the skullmasher since the latest buff.


None of those have felt effective for me. Krakatoa was great for a while, but didn’t scale well with M10. I haven’t been able to find a good Skullmasher or Unseen Threat to replace my Root. The one Cocky B I found was meh, Lyuda feels weak compared to the ammo consumption.

I miss the days when the Monocle was a valid option at the top tier. I guess I want a sniper that I use like a sniper (1 shot 1 kill). Now the best snipers have crazy abilities that are sort of wasted on a long range weapon.

My root is better at point blank than at range. My sandhawk is used by the clone as a mid-range weapon. The rest I play with for a bit then move on to more effective weapons.


I’d recommend trying the monocle, headsplosion or skullmasher with 300/90 annointment to see if you can get what you are looking for.


I soloed the Maliwan Takedown at M10 with a Deputy Flak 50/150 Radiation Crit Build. Front Loader shield and the only weapon I used from start to finish was the Skullmasher.

The Headsplosion is a great general mobbing weapon too.

I too am using a Urad skullmasher on Flak and it’s insane. I just ran through m10 guardian takedown with it, no issues. Outside of guardian takedown it one taps pretty much everyone

I’m assuming you’re only playing Zane based on one of your replies on this thread.

If that’s the case then just wait for the 4th skill trees to drop and sniping (and everything else) will be much more effective. That or try different vault hunters that better fit sniping, like Flak and even Amara with phasegrasp.

Don’t take it up the bum, but you realize weapons get much better when paired with certain VHs, yes? I think it’s reasonable to say the devs intended it that way, maybe not all Legendaries, but def some.

Monocle was devastating with Moze and her skill tree, though I’m assuming Overkill helps a lot too. I was 1-3HKOing in M10.

Monocle is actually decent at getting one-hits after its recent buffs, especially when you get some overkill going.

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I’m 1 shotting pretty much anything with a clairvoyance (masher) which pretty much is a sniper with AR skin :joy:

For Zane you should stack jakobs damage and crit damage

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