Still no info on 21:9 Broken UI fixes? (Very frustrating)

Have posted in many places, and still can’t seem to get any attention with regards to a rather substantial gameplay bug facing 21:9 monitors.

Sent a ticket, but the response was vague and when I replied with more info - NOTHING.

Chat windows don’t work out of active match - probably the biggest issue. They say ‘off sizes aren’t supported’, but it’s not clear what that means since there are so many standards (and isn’t in the retail page - just buried in some blog).

PLEASE FIX THE 21:9 UI issues! or at least give us SOME indication you’re aware of them (like has been the case with so much else). Thank you!

I rememeber this issue being mentioned in open beta too.

In the interview with the creative director Jythri, he mentions UI issues related to splitscreen and why UI is a lot of work to fix. Doesn’t fix anything, but I think the 21:9 issue might not be on top of their priority list. Couldn’t you run the game at 1080 or 1440p for the time?

Interview post:

I listened to that, hence the frustration since it’s something that doesn’t even appear on the radar.

I feel like the 21:9 and UI fixes in that area may reach less players, but be WAY more feasible. That’s the thing, it seems like a relatively smaller task (move some windows and do better testing - I can still type and send messages (I can hear them and then see them when the match starts and that chat window is visible)) - I’m not sure why it’s being ignored since I can imagine this impacts a decent enough player base. And I didn’t buy an Acer Predator x34 to not use it to its potential. I’d simply avoid games that haven’t caught up with the times (not necessarily this case - since almost everything else is fine - just some small UI stuff I can’t get any response on).

Well, he says in the interview that it isn’t a smaller task at all and that it takes a good amount of time and effort to accomplish. Another thing he mention is that their UI team is actually pretty small at the moment. That’s why I doubt it’s going to be a priority in the next month at least.

He said the Splitscreen is no small task, which makes sense, since as he outlined - it’s dozens of items.

The chat window is one - and it functions (IE: you can type and send messages), it’s just not visible and likely off screen. It just needs some tweaks, bug-corrections, and testing - it was likely overlooked.

Without knowing their true software architecture, I know enough about how these things go together to reasonably assume this particular issue is far more feasible. (Granted, I think they need an entire UI overhaul… but that’s a different story)

UI optimization for different aspect ratios and usability isn’t just switching anchor points and
setting scale to be automatic, once. You have to test it dozens of times across different situations when you have new UI elements. They have to test everything on every aspect ratio as well as testing it for usability afterwards. If it’s fails either test, it will have to be re-worked again.
It’s going to take a long time to fix this issue in a good way, we really don’t want them applying a quick fix without proper testing. A quick fix without enough testing almost always breaks something else in games, sometimes features that seemingly aren’t even connected to what was changed.

This is indeed very frustrating. Playing at 3440x1440 myself and I can’t view pre-game menu chat. I need that to coordinate character selection with my team.

I have a similar issue using 5760x1080 Resolution. Along with the UI elements being pushed to the far edges of the screens.

Something that i found fixed the issue was running in Windowed 1920x1080 outside of a Match and switching to Borderless Windowed as soon as the match starts.
That kept my UI elements such as HP, Skills and Minimap all within the bounds of my central screen (The resolution requires 3 monitors)and allowed Chat to be visible in the character select lobby.

Its a workaround for sure, A real fix would be nice, But this worked for me.