Still no Mayhem mode available in TVHM on Console

Patch came and went. There is still no Mayhem mode pedestal in Sanctuary when you start TVHM on PS4.

Anyone playing on PS4 that had those pedestals in TVHM?

Is Xbox running into the same issue?

The pedestals should be there as soon as you get to sanctuary and I think the PC version works fine.

If any of you do have the pedestals available in TVHM, can you post your platform?


pc works fine just to confirm


Im the same too mate. In TVHM and no mayhem pedestal. My mate who joined my session and we finished the game has it.

I ve read some people got to finish the game again in TVHM. Which sucks. Im near level 49…

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Can we please get an official response? I don’t want to play the game 3 times through. I was t tvhm with mayhem on PS4. It’s really unacceptable that this is not working on PS4 but is in PC and Xbox.


same here. no Mayhem console in TVHM on PS4

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Same here

Sorry guys, Mayhem mode is NOT meant to show up in TVHM at all until you beat the game on TVHM, so there’s nothing wrong with your games, this is not a glitch.

I beat Normal mode, and was able to see the Mayhem Mode activator station in Sanctuary, so I was kinda hoping to see it as soon as I start TVHM, but it doesn’t show up until you beat the mode you’re in, unless there’s something I’m not aware of…In that case I will delete my comment


But on PC, EVERY player seems to have those pedestals in TVHM from the moment they arrive in Sanctuary.

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Wow, are you sure? maybe they’ve already beaten TVHM, and they’re just re visiting Sanctuary?

That’s not true, I started TVHM about 3 days ago and the Mayhem Pedestal was gone. Saw no point in playing if I gotta beat the game again with the same character just to have access to what I already have, so went back to Normal with Mayhem 2.

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I put a ticket in on the 19th with 2K and Gearbox support about this. 2K finally got back to me this morning (the 24th) while I’ve yet to hear anything from Gearbox.

Me - “When should I be able to access the ability to activate Mayhem mode in True Vault Hunter Mode on PS4? Do I need to beat the story on True Vault Hunter Mode to access the ability to active Mayhem Mode or can I activate Mayhem Mode as soon as I start True Vault Hunter Mode?”

2K Support response - “I appreciate your love towards the game. Going forward, I would like to tell you about the Mayhem Mode has the power to change the entire universe of Borderlands 3. Upon completing the story campaign, you’ll activate a mysterious terminal aboard Sanctuary III that can enable three difficulty levels: Mayhem 1, Mayhem 2, or Mayhem 3.”

I responded back asking why the Mayhem behavior on TVHM is different between PC and consoles and what the intended behavior should be. Hopefully when they respond they have something with a little more substance.

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On xbox and already on Eden 6 again and can confirm absolutely no podium for my Zane on xbox and TVHM :confused: I was watching Bahroo beat his TVHM the other day and literally just thought they were dumb and made you beat the game again but nope. Just a glitch, like sooooo many other things in this game.

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No, im pretty sure its not a glitch. it wouldnt make sense, since the story would be different with it. imagine the start of the game with a -50% gun damage -70% damage on pistols -70% normal bullet damage -70% non-elemental damage as FL4K. you wouldnt be able to proceed, since you would do next to no damage. and they dont want you constantly resetting your game to get a better mayhem mode.

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Beat tvhm last night on xbox and yes, mayhem mode was unlocked.


you NEED to complete TVHM campaign, skip the side missions, whatever you need to do. When you kill Tyreen on the last fight and complete the story - you unlock the mayhem podium. You need to do your first normal playthrough, then second playthrough on TVHM.


Unless you’re on PC, then you don’t have to do that.

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I got another response last night (the 25th).

Me - “Just to clarify: I’m asking whether on PS4 I need beat TVHM campaign before unlocking Mayhem mode in TVHM. PC players can activate Mayhem as soon as they hit sanctuary on TVHM without playing through the campaign. Right now on PS4 players have to beat TVHM before they can activate Mayhem mode in TVHM. So which is the intended behavior? And why is the behavior different between PC and consoles?”

2K Support - “This is a known issue. Unfortunately, there is no known workaround to complete this mission. Though the final mission is unable to be completed, this should not block any further progress of side missions, Circle of Slaughters, Proving Grounds, or Mayhem mode. 2K and Gearbox Software are working towards a solution. This only occurs in TVHM.”

“Bug: OAK-219830 - The Eridian artifact is unable to be placed causes the mission blocker when progressing “Divine Retribution” under TVHM in Sanctuary3_P.”

“Let me know if you have more concern.”

I don’t understand where that response came from. Either they didn’t/don’t understand my question (I felt I was pretty clear) or they were avoiding actually giving me an answer… I’m going to keep pressing them about it but we may just have to wait this one out for a while, guys. :expressionless:


PC is confirmed to have it available right as soon as your start TVHM mode.

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Huh. Seems like gbox is using an answer bot or has one wally of a tech support employee.

They’re prolly hammered with tickets though.


Well, i want to play mayhem you get the extra xp cash loot etc so of course i want mayhem mode. And you went back to normal with mayhem 2? So you have the mayhem pedestal?