Still no Mayhem mode available in TVHM on Console

I got it after beating the game in TVHM again. I’m on Xbox 1, so we’re probably in the same boat.

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OK… I was up in arms with this as well for days.

But if you play in normal more not tvhm the mayhem pedestal will be in sanctuary…

That is strange and confusing…
I am not sure what is the official position / requirement for Mayhem mode, I would be curious to know which one is bugged, and which one is correct?!
The PC version with Mayhem in TVHM right away? or the Console version with TVHM Mayhem once you beat the story again?!

I would think the PC version is correct. Right now, you can farm for whatever you want using Mayhem Normal mode and the difficulty feels the same as TVHM Mayhem to me. There’s really no reason to play TVHM without Mayhem. With Mayhem I can see a point, especially if you want specific story loot at level 50.

This is the latest response from 2k \ gearbox. Apparently they don’t know it are not directly addressing the PC vs console discrepancy. I suggest everyone submits a ticket of their own.

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Oct 4, 1:37 AM CDT

Hey there.

Thanks for reverting back to us.

Extremely sorry for the delay in response.

I have some Information regarding the Mayhem mode, Please look into it.

  • Mayhem mode is unlocked after first play through on each character.
  • It can be used in normal or in the True vault hunter mode.
  • If you are at True vault hunter mode and you finished the normal one, you have to wait until you unlocked the sanctuary in the story in order to use mayhem mode.
  • Mayhem mode is controlled via console on sanctuary.

I hope this information helped you, If not let me know

we are sayin we completed it on normal and have started tvhm and have got sanctuary but there is no mayhem pedestal so why do we have to complete tvhm to be able to start mayhem again when pc doesn’t have to do this they can start mayhem as soon as they get to sanctuary again


I got another response Saturday, October 5th.

Me - “To clarify once more: As far as the community is aware, when starting TVHM on PC players have access to Mayhem modes immediately when reaching Sanctuary 3 for the first time. PC players do not have to beat the TVHM campaign to access Mayhem modes within TVHM. The behavior is the opposite for Console players. Again, as far as the community is aware, when starting TVHM on Consoles players do not have access to Mayhem modes immediately when reaching Sanctuary 3 for the first time. Console players have to beat the TVHM campaign to access Mayhem modes within TVHM. So again I ask, which is the intended behavior and why is the behavior different between PC and Consoles?”

2K Support - “Thank you for contacting back to 2k support.
I am sorry to hear that your issue has not been resolved yet and sorry for the inconvenience. I really appreciate your understanding and patience.
you need to beat the story on True Vault Hunter Mode to access the ability to active Mayhem Mode. This is for same for all the console and PC. The story will be the same for every player.”

I’m not really sure what to believe. According to what this particular support representative stated, it could be assumed that the fact that players on PC have access to Mayhem within TVHM without completing the TVHM campaign is not the intended behavior. Either way, they didn’t really acknowledge that there is an issue or a difference in the behavior. They tossed out a blanket statement and left it at that. Hopefully you guys have better luck.


But Gearbox needs to be aware that the player base needs it to be the norm. If they patch that out of the PC version, players will revolt.

The game is already a cakewalk without mayhem mode. Forcing every TVHM playthrough even after a campaign reset to be played without Mayhem will be boring for everyone. I don’t wish that upon PC players.

I wish Gearbox would make a statement about their intentions because these trouble tickets being handled by 2K instead of people involved with the developers themselves are not answering our issues.


I’ve passed this information on to the Gearbox Community Manager. Meanwhile, Matrixneo42 has set up a nice clear poll:

If you could add your info via that poll, it would be helpful.


So I just beat the game on NVHM on my first character on Xbox. Would I be better off just farming bosses to get my gear on Mayhem 3 since I would have to beat the story all over again on TVHM just to even unlock Mayhem again?

That’s what I did. Mayhem will get you to level 50 faster than TVHM without Mayhem. If you wait to do TVHM at 50 just to get through it to unlock mayhem, at least you will get max level quest rewards.

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No one seems to have a clue what the answer is. How PC players can just toggle to TVHM Mayhem 3 right after completing the normal play through while console players have to complete the entire storyline in TVHM to aces the Mayhem console on Sanctuary is insane. The problem is you chose to forgo TVHM and simply play on Mayhem normal what happens if down there road they create a UVHM which requires TVHM play through?

I am extremely happy this is gaining traction. The uncertainty in the community is a mess on this. I want TvHM mayhem so badly, give me a reason to play it twice. Lend me the tools to put more hours into your game!

Ps4 - no go. (Just so everyone knows.)

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I’m still unclear… in order to unlock Mayhem in console one would need to play the entire campaign again from scratch? Or, just until you reach sanctuary? This seems a bit ridiculous if your level 50, playing Mayhem 3 already with tons of anointed gear what’s the point of TVHM play through on normal. More importantly, how is it the PC players do not have to do this? Doesn’t seem like rocket science :blush:

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So on ps4, for me anyway, I’d have to play the campaign twice, to then unlock mayhem mode for tvhm. Which is a drag. Since we keep everything from the vaults on tvhm, except for some reason mayhem, I feel it might be a bug. But no one really knows.

This. Confirmed by multiple users in the poll thread and elsewhere. Currently you have to complete main story in TVHM on console to access Mayhem mode in that play-through. On PC, you only need to get as far as Sanctuary.


Is it possible on this second play through to speed run… in other words can you get through with out tackling all the bosses etc.? On a side note I’m almost skeptical to run through this if a fix could be on the way.

Wouldnt it make more sense for mayhem option be available on start screen, like tvhm is. Having to get to sanctuary is kinda dumb.

Technically, you can get to 50 in NVHM (especially if you use Mayhem mode after completing main game). So yes, a speed run in TVHM should be feasible. You’ll have to get past the story bosses, but you’ll have a full set of skill points by then and will also benefit from knowing appropriate strategies.