Still no mention of colorblind mode even though it was promised last April

Colorblind mode was promised to be in the game by Randy the ■■■■■■ magician Pitchford himself back in April and yet, it was never put in the game and Gearbox refuses to even mention it.

Maybe because they sorted this by other mechanics like different beams of loot etc.

Except that doesn’t fix it when the same effect and sound for special drops are used across numerous rarities, genius.

What do you mean exactly? Cause there are different sound effects for loot drops.

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There are TWO. Hardly ■■■■■■■ useful.

Purple and Legendary have unique sounds, anything under has no sound. Every rarity has a unique beam size, anointed has it’s own unique beam size. The Haunt puzzle has both color and shape options. It seems like they are catering to colorblind, just not in such traditional ways.

Here I thought that epic and legendary had the same sound, but the mini map was the difference between the two. Perhaps I need my hearing checked =S

I’m sure they could’ve made it a little more different but I’ll make do.