Still no physical SDE delivered

I woke up today really early expecting my borderlands 3 super deluxe edition to be delivered but here we are at 6pm still haven’t gotten the game witch I paid 100 euro for. I’m in Dublin and I hope someone else sees this and can let me know what the ■■■■ is going on is it a thing witch ■■■■■■ delivery systems or is it normal to get a game u could have had at midnight not before 6pm like what the ■■■■ is going on if I pre ordered a game off the 2k store I’d want it to be as convenient as it would be if I was to go to a game stop

There should’ve been an ETA on the confirmation e-mail which linked you to the mail-carrier service, as with most products.

At least so far as I am aware, with GBX products I had shipped to me in the past.

Amazon (which is often touted for quick delivery) had (by many reports on this forum) listed the expected delivery date as September 17th for many people, since it hits in between a weekend.

What form of delivery did you order?

The only available form from the 2k store untracked. I’m highly debating weather to buy the game online so I can play it but I don’t know if I’ll be able to return it. The physical SDE I mean

My shipment confirmation has an order number but no way to track delivery I also went to digital river but it requires a password I never got to allowed me to track my delivery

Hm, I will try to look in to this. But I am not familiar with that.

Yeah so I ended up finding out that the courrier company 2k is using closes on weekends and Fridays and won’t be open until 9 am on Monday. Seriously who at 2k thought that this move was a good move. People who buy physical editions is because they want an actually copy of a game they have loved for so long and now while everyone else is having fun playing I’ve to sit here and wait for some beta delivery company to open on Monday

Sorry to hear about that issue, release days have hiccups.

I’m happy to hear that you resolved it, and I hope you enjoy the game.