Still no Quickmatch button: the split into an already split community

I write these words as I am desperately trying to find a game on Battleborn, on Steam it says that 1986 people are online at this time (which is pretty much dead status) and I am joining random versus maps in hopes of finding a game, not knowing where the people are yet.

Before that I went and played Overwatch, it took 5 seconds to find a game using the Quickmatch option, but I don’t like OW as much as BB, still I feel forced to go away and do something else since I cannot find a game.

PvE? Not interesting. I’ve already finished it all and there’s nothing left for me there except trying my luck and drop legendary gear that I probably won’t wear because you honestly don’t need them or the other options are just better.

So here I am, trying to find a game on PC, wishing there was a Quickmatch button so that I could join up any group of people on any map.

I don’t understand why you didn’t think of that. It was there in the open beta (called ranked, but still the same thing).

I’m trying to love this game but it keeps rejecting me.

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I’m starting to feel the same thing for PC version, which is a big reason why I bought it on my PS4 recently hoping to get more players. The PC has the chance for hackers but I find it very hard to play with controllers in a game that requires accuracy. Sure there is aim assist but it can sometimes mess you up.

Anyways I think the quickmatch is a pretty decent idea. On top of that I hate that when a player leaves there is “almost” no chance to get that spot filled. Would be great if they could use quickmatch to find games already in progress so the matches will be more even. (I know this is most likely going to be stated so) They could also give the player the average character level of your team to the joining player with a set amount of shards based on the level you enter as.

I hate to see the PC version tanking and I hope there is some way to revive it.

PC is an early indicator of things to come on console unfortunately. Don’t be fooled to think consoles are anything different, they just have a few more players to draw on, that is all really. The game is quite good visually and technically but it is missing the moxy that people are vibing for and unfortunately it will never get it. No DLC no patch will turn the community around. The people hsve spoken and they basically like the game but it’s not what they are looking for. Battleborn has been friendzoned.


Didn’t you learn anything from Mr. Torgue?? :joy:

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as much as i love this game but im not going to lie it has flaws a few big ones some to think of it the biggest for me is no drop in drop out system it means you need dedicated players and more often then not i find there being 3 or so people left when one thing goes wrong sucks but for me at least its what ive seen happen everywhere

I don’t learn anything from Mr Torgue because he is basically an idiot. I love Borderlands but that dude is whack!

I would love to be an idiot if it meant having the succes of mr torgue. He has his own company, amusement park, and EXPLOOOOOOOOSIONS!

Well we’re not best friends anymore! I’m not even inviting you to my birthday party :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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He is pixels on a screen and bits on a disk that’s all.

You’re posting this at 8:44AM CST for USA. This game sold(from what I can tell) much better in US than in other regions. You are complaining about a game during a pretty dead timezone for it’s main playerbase.

Also, Overwatch literally just released yesterday/today depending on your region. I would expect population dips as well. I know I’ll be playing a little OW today when I get home but also BB.

Borderlands 2 in the “dead time of the day” still has twice as many players than battleborn does right now. A game that old having more players than a game this new is kind of not a good sign.

Just because a game is old doesn’t mean it can’t have a bigger playerbase. BL2 has a franchise fanbase to build from in BL1, has had way way way more marketing and time for word of mouth to spread.

BB was, as many games these days seem to be, woefully under marketed.

Either way you cannot deny Battleborn has a very low player base no matter the time of the day compared to Borderlands 2 or any other franchise fanbase. This unsettles me because it only means Battleborn wont have that franchise fanbase and end up being lost in time.

It’s lower every day unfortunately. The highs are lower and the lows are lower comparing to the same day in the previous week. Hardcore fans are leaving, because that is the only people this game attracted in the first place. It was probably a mistake to make this game, but here we are. And to think what an amazing Borderlands 3 experience we could all be enjoying right now. Now we have to wait… a long time.

Bye then, we’ll enjoy Battleborn while you wait for Borderlands 3. Have fun!

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I’d take that over yearly releases of the same IP.


Enjoy Battleborn while it remains. This will be the only one they will make.

They did try a Quickmatch option in the beta. It really didn’t work because people would vote again between the game modes, and it resulted in alot of people leaving matches because their mode didn’t get picked.

Why vote for a game mode? If you want to vote then you join on Incursion, Meltdown or Capture. That’s your vote, and you’ll join exactly that.

People like me don’t care what mode they’re playing; They just want to play. A quickmatch option would be the best thing for us.

Yeah they had it where it was Quickmatch, but then it went to a vote like for the map, only it was between Incursion or Meltdown (Since those was the only modes in the beta), and when one mode got picked over the other, most of the time, the people that voted for the other mode would just quit the match as soon as it started.

I agree with that, I don’t really care what mode I’m playing, unless I intend to be trying out or working with a character I don’t know, then I usually run Meltdown.