Still no tracking number or shipping confirmation...?

I pre-ordered a physical copy a month ago, I did receive my order confirmation, but no tracking info yet or any type of shipping confirmation… Should I be worried???

Contact the store you placed the order with. Some folks have already received their shipping notifications while other haven’t, but it seems to depend on both store and region.

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I ordered from the 2k store, and Im in the US. So I feel like I should have gotten one by now, but Ill try to get in contact with someone

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I also ordered from the 2K store. I was lucky enough to order the diamond loot edition. I called Digital River and they said physical copies are being sent out on Sept 13… not arriving for customers on Sept 13. And no option to expedite. I also emailed 2K support about getting a digital download code. No response yet. Very frustrating.

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If you want to try and contact Digital River, try this number: ‭(952) 908-4089‬


Wow, so there was literally no point of pre-ordering if they are gonna start shipping them out the day I could just walk into any game store and buy a copy… smh

We got the same response. Got our shipping notification, it won’t go anywhere until tomorrow.

What are the consequences of just buying the Super Deluxe Edition and then selling the game inside of the CE?

My gut tells me “nothing” I can’t imagine they locked different codes inside the box to particular user accounts, particularly since you theoretically can buy the box live from a retailer without giving you email address. So keep the gizmos, sell the code.

I’m also a little irked that I got this shipment notice today instead of, say, Tuesday, guaranteeing that I can’t use it at 9 PDT when it goes live for me in California.
Fortunately I bought the chest for Xbox, and a digital copy for PS4, so I’ll get to play, but many many people are going to be disappointed since they didn’t have that option.

ON the other hand, only a few thousand boxes were sold, a small fraction of the total first day sale, so I guess Gearbox is willing to take the Day 1 hit on a few thousand disgruntle buyers.

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That’s the most troublesome; total lack of transparency. Downloading on XB1 now, and we will just sell the game out of it once it gets here…whenever. We’re West Coast too (OR) so to be able to play tonight at 9pm will be GOLDEN.

Well, you pretty much needed to order as early as possible to get a Diamond Collector’s Edition.

I ordered mine the day they were available for order (4/3/2019) and got an email from 2K saying it was shipped on Tuesday (9/10/2019 at 5:32p.m.) Trouble is, the UPS tracking still says it hasn’t been picked up as of 9 a.m. Central time this morning (Thursday 9/12) - still stuck on “Label Created”. Interestingly, the UPS tracking page says it was sent via UPS Next Day Air - while the email sent to me by 2K says “Standard Shipping”. So I don’t know what the heck is going on.

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Just curious about something - did you get in on the initial pre-order for this (March) or when they released a second batch?

I’m not OP but we ordered day one April 3rd

I saw on another thread that Digital River / 2K have said DAY ONE SHIPPING, so nothing will even be handed off to UPS until tomorrow.

I bought the XB1 Super Deluxe (it’s downloading now) this morning and will sell the game out of the CE whenever it gets here.

At this point I don’t even care if the CE’s version of the game includes anything extra.

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I ordered mine on Apr 3, the first round.

Did you just bite the bullet and buy the digital version on XB1? And if so, did you just do the basic version? I’m leaning towards doing that so i can play tomorrow and then just use the codes when the diamond edition finally gets delivered for season pass, skins, mods, etc.

Yeah, I bought it 15 mins ago. It’s downloading now from XB Store. I ordered the Super Deluxe because I haven’t heard that the game editions are any different, just the loot?

I could be wrong though. Season pass and those skins are included with SDE. The main game is downloading right now, but there are another 10 things that seem to be queued to install behind it.

Okay, so full list of what is downloading now with SDE:

Butt Stallion Cosmetic Pack
Boost Mods Pack
Gearbox Cosmetic Pack
Neon Cosmetic Pack
Retro Cosmetic Pack
Toy Box Weapons Pack
Gold Weapon Skins Pack

Just got my email yesterday that my order from 2K is being shipped. I got an automatic email confirmation from 2K when I ordered from them

Thanks for the update. But again, if I’m getting Diamond Loot, I can just use those codes on top of standard right? (versus have to pay for SDE)

the page says “This edition includes the full game, season pass, and all bonus digital content from the Super Deluxe Edition”,

Ok, seriously. I got no email from 2K or Digital River. But when I went to check order status just now on the 2K site, it shows a tracking number. Sigh…

But Salvadorable, I got the same status. “Label Created”. Nothing more.