Still not balanced even after my time away

So I took a long break from playing battleborn after I reached level 100 and went to go play all my other games and today I decide to come back and see how battleborn has changed and if it got balanced. I was surprised by how wrong I was. Galilea still is able to sweep teams with ease, Melka still has stupidly high damage and too high of survivability. Marquis is still a need to have on team or you will lose by the other teams marquis. and people are still just leaving matches after dying twice. I love this game but why is it still not getting balanced

Gali isn’t able to wipe teams like she used to. Can she? Yes. But so can a majority of the other characters if they’re given the opportunity. I am somewhat worried about Melka getting nerfed as she is my favorite atm but it might be needed. As for Marquis, he is still insane if you don’t apply any pressure to him. It is hard to punish him against a coordinated team without being able to talk to your own team. However, if you can push him out of his comfort zone he becomes useless quickly.


Also may I direct you to the large list of upcoming changes.

Thanks to @Warhawg01 for the write up (can’t quote properly because of mobile)

[quote]Watching the Twitch stream now. The broadcast mode looks really well done. I can see the positive impact this can have on showcasing the game. Hopefully the planets align (the right people streaming, and a good audience) and the game population can increase.


Notes: Ambra getting buffed. Kelvin getting nerfed… [going to try to keep updating]

  • Reducing Kelvin’s stun.
  • Attikus getting wound, + Caldarius (on his basic melee blade attack, + WF (on scrap cannon) Wound is 60% healing reduction.
  • They are playing on new Meltdown map – Outskirts. Looks good.
  • “Straight” helix overview option – can see entire helix – think BL keypress to show all skill trees
  • Attikus getting health buff, can sprint and charge at same time. ULT now has super slow, not knock up
  • “Pendles is a very heavy stealth character”
  • Marquis nerf - reducing Ein Zwei… damage
  • OM: Level 2 helix, buffed right helix (that no one takes - Nades on Nades)
  • Next up…new Capture Map: Snowblind
    – Big OM statue on it. Has a central bridge that gives line of sight to all three points (which aligned in a big triangle)
  • Not many big Rath changes, mostly QOL. He is the top damage dealer and killer according to their data. He is “Perfectly fine.”
  • Alani: boosting her sprint a bit.
  • Polishing the maps - make them as clean as possible, both new and old. Goal: not getting caught on things you shouldn’t.
  • Back to Ambra: make her a stronger zone healer - stronger sun spots.
  • Next up - new Incursion map: Monuments - set on Echinar (sp?)
    — Much larger center, but more contained. Can’t shoot each other from the choke points.
  • Orendi: changed right helix #1 - reveals players around Orendi for 3 sec, not necessarily around the pillar.
  • “Pretty big Kleese changes”: big boost to health pool - double to 13-1400ish.
  • Attikus: will use third person for pounce, which is slower now – easier to place (and easier to see coming)
  • ISIC’s ULT now has a 40 sec limit, and a 40 sec cool down
  • Miko’s tiny body and quick speed made her hard to hurt. Lowered her Fight or Flight helix from 30 sec to 15 sec
  • WF: Scrap cannon getting wound, cannon also instant use by default, faster to shoot and easier to control and aims toward crosshair. Level 2 Helix: buffed the gun increase damage when hitting targets with scrap cannon.
  • Galt: “impactful changes” - Level 3 slug sniper removed - replaced with defensive power - gained shield region and rate.
  • Offhand melee knock back now getting a cool down - stop pounding people into a corner after three hits. Preserve “the integrity of combat.”
  • ISIC getting Wound as well. Each faction should be well represented with Wound…and then they list three Jenerit that have it (Deande, Attikus, and Caldarius ??).
  • Melka getting it – also tuned down her venom - cut in half in terms of time (now 4 sec vs 8) but actually does more damage
  • Wounding reduces health regen, healing, and life steal.
  • Reyna’s ULT now has built-in knock back. All her cool downs reduce by a % when she puts an over shield on someone - also applies to the players she puts the over shield on.
  • @Jythri makes a Deep Dive joke.
  • One more big change…
  • Massive reduction to Lore challenge requirements. Flying for three hours on Benedict now one hour or less is the one the one they mention first? Five kills now and assists count for Ambra (and I assume for all Kill X). Toby’s is now one double kill requirement vs 10, and his ult is buffed, as his triple shot.

They did NOT say when this patch is coming out.

And that’s it.[/quote]

I disagree with both of these statements. Mellka doesn’t deal high damage, I call her the burst character without the burst. She does have survibability, but that’s because of a small hitbox and agility from her skills. Venom is her most powerful weapon, she’s very hard to kill but you can deny her kills by playing conservatively.

As for Marquis, a sniper is situational. If your team is tank-heavy then Marquis will destroy you, he’s a tank killer. But if you flank him and destroy the buildables that he loves to hide behind (accelerators, thumper turrets, supply stations) he had no choice but to retreat or die. Unless you pressure Marquis, he’ll just go back to his perch and do what snipers do. You can’t allow him to play on his terms and you certainly don’t need a Marquis to counter a Marquis, that’s counter-intuitive.

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You’re over exaggerating. She’s hardly ever used now, the only people who play her are the ones who can exploit her versatile nature.

The problem with Gali is that she has an answer for every problem you can present her with, and there’s no real way to counter play. All they need to do is add some drawbacks with her helix choices, like how gear usually works, and move some of them around.

Make her choose between the two wounds, don’t let her have both, make her choose a Pull, damage or silence, don’t let her have two of the three.

It’s a simple problem, and there’s a simple solution. Rearrange her helix, and make her fire fewer bolts with the spin attack. At level ten, she can tack up another 1500 damage just from It’s dangerous to go alone.

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[quote=“timtoborne, post:5, topic:1541001, full:true”]At level ten, she can tack up another 1500 damage just from It’s dangerous to go alone.

At level 10, I believe the based damage on DtGA is 65 damage as, seeing as it’s a skill, it isn’t affected by Attack Damage (just attack speed since that’s what it fires off of). I’m having a hard time seeing how you get from 65 per orb (which is ~450 additional damage in melee per combo) turns into 1500 (unless you’re talking about 3 combos, all of which hit, which is a bit weird; if you want to throw out a damage number that isn’t based on a single use, it might be more useful to provide a time window).

I think it’s level 9 she gets a 30% bonus to swing speed. That’s how she gets me. Pull>Stun>Melee combo+blastsx3 at point blank. like I said, only the ones who know how to exploit her still play her.

It’s her level 5 mutation, 35% attack speed based on her Corruption. Since it’s easy to build, especially with sword lasers, it’s as good as a flat 35% increases in many cases. WAY too much, seriously Attikus and Phoebe “only” get 20% attack speed and that’s not until level 7!

It’s the ability to build it with sword lasers that makes it absurd. If she always had to close to melee to build corruption (and was getting half as many hits to count for corruption), she’d actually have a build up time like she’s supposed to.

Ah, thank you, I don’t play much with her since I’m a support player at heart. I can play some offensive characters, but Gali isn’t my thing, ya know?