Still requires Patch Update

So after downloaded the new Claptrap DLC for the Pre-Sequal and updated the software, it still pops up with me asking for a Patch Update for the game, I have tried to uninstall and re-install the compatibility pack, the Claptrap DLC part one and two and yet it still asking for a patch update

Although i have played the DLc and had alot of fun with the game, but now I’m unable to play online cause it wants me to install the update, when i already have the update

So far I have the Borderland TPS 1.0.5, I’m unsure if this is the latest or not but I’d like somehow a solution or perhaps a way to fix this without loosing everything

UPDATE: So recently I tried to delete the content, then clear cache, reinstall content, clear cache again and install the update, still keeps telling me that I need to install the Patch Update

I’m having a similar issue. I’ve downloaded the compatibility pack and both parts of Claptastic Voyage and it still tells me that I need the latest patch.

In addition to that, I’ve not yet been able to get Claptastic Voyage to work at all. I’ve downloaded it 3 different times, but each time I get either the “latest patch” issue or the DLC menu within the game shows one part or the other as “not downloaded”, even though I can clearly see it in my storage menu for the Xbox. Very, very frustrated.

Go delete all of the compatibility packs but the latest one

I have attempted this before, yet it still comes up with the update patch

Ok I got the working solution, so first, delete the cache, then the compatibility pack and the claptrap DLC, then download them all again (takes time but heck, better then nothing I guess) then only delete the cache again and when you restart the borderlands TPS it should then stop the message from popping up

I can’t win with this issue. I downloaded pat 1 of the DLC 6 times (2 from Xbox Home, 2 from the in-game store, and 2 from the fast travel station) and it’s STILL recognized as “not downloaded”. Part 2 is working fine, but it’s just part 1. Just now, I downloaded it from the in game store and went back in there and said “not downloaded”. I’ll wait and see what’s up.

Mine is having the same issue, it’ll say that it’s not downloaded even though all of the content is usable, who knows maybe it’s a flaw perhaps with the way they have made the DLC, I mean having them in two parts rather then just the single one? I don’t understand that, just have it all on one download, it works with every other DLC but why have this separated into two parts?

Pretty sure xbox live has a file size restriction - probably 2Gb.

If that was the case, how are they able to let you download the full game if that is more then 2GB? unless it’s only for additional content

Did a quick google search - DLC limit 2gb on xbox live according to this article:

@MadDevils_Eye101- Are you sure you have downloaded the latest compatibility pack? Sounds compat pack related to me.

I have downloaded the latest compatibility pack, then i downloaded the Claptrap DLC, both parts, after the first part was downloaded it was fine, but after downloading the second part, it then comes up with the text saying Patch Update needed, however I have then deleted the compat pack and the Claptrap DLC, re-installed them all then deleted the cache, restarted the borderlands and downloaded the update and it then works fine, doesn’t come up with the Patch Update info when i start the game

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Copy that. Glad it’s at least not effecting gameplay. I’ve forwarded this thread along to the team to help as they investigate. If you start to experience any issues w/ gameplay, just shout! :smile:

Same problem here I’ve got a message about the patch a few times but my claptrap dlc isn’t working no matter how many times I clear cache or delete and re download it just hope it gets a fix soon can’t wait to play it