Still so quiet here even with new releases

I really thought there would be loads of new posts / posters with both the Clappy DLC and Handsome Jack Collection being released over the last few days.

Just where the hell is everybody?

This place is dying…I hope sections for other games are busier!

Smooth movie, forum owners!

I’ll probably browse more actively when I can actually play the game. I’m one of those people that just can’t play until I finally get my badass rank to carry over… I don’t wanna work towards more badass points just to lose them when they fix this.

edit: sorry, thought this was handsome collection chat

Some of the old timers like myself are a bit burnt out and have not been on all that much but the forums seem to be active.

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Seems busy to me…You also have to remember game discussions are now happening is 2 different sections. This one, and the Handsome Collection.
There are 100 + new posts for me to check only after a few hours. Seems active to me.


u mean ther are 2 forums for the same game? i know u are the mod and must be diplomatic kittyjo, but the new forum here is really bad compared to the old one.

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Yea there is, rignt here :
Granted, dosnt have the character subforums and what not, but there is a general discussion.

And that is okay that you think that. Not everyone is a fan of it and I understand. Hope you still plan to stick around despite that!

i struggled a lot but today i made an account. maybe we get used to the new one, time will tell

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Oh my…I did not know this…

No wonder this forum seems quiet.

We are back to dividing our efforts into two forums…kinda

Have to say I am not a fan of that concept but will continue to post here as much as I can.

My reason for less posts is simple…

A little necessity called…Work…darn it.

I am REALLY itching to play this new DLC

And Eclipse and the new arena has my name written all over it…

I’m in!

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I’ve always enjoyed the Borderlands forums, but this one is kinda hard for this old man to read. Black background with white text strains my eyes.

It just seems that way because on the old forums you started 65758873334x100 new threads a day :slight_smile:


Fair point!

Not that I’m complaining,I liked how it kept things hopping


Id still be doing it if it wasnt so horrendously gross to post on this site from my phone.


Im only here for that one thread, my Dr. Ted class thread, and my one awesome thread i haven’t finished/posted yet.

Steam stats show BL2 in 15th place with a peak of 14,995 and BL:TPS in 31st place with a peak of 6,818. Both have moved up (for a while) but it is interesting to see that BL2 has jumped up quite a bit on the PC recently and there is no new content for it (Handsome Jack edition is for next gen consoles). BL2 is still showing double the numbers of BL:TPS and this is at the launch of their last major DLC component. Not a good sign. Forums are still quite and the other forum for the general section of Handsome Collection is largely full of people with issues. I guess its true, you reap what you sow. With indicators like this we definitely won’t be getting any more surprise DLC for BL:TPS. It’s a good game but it’s just too short compared to the others and really should not have been.

Must admit I find the new forums less appealing than the good 'ol vBulletin forums. My post count wasn’t really frantic but I have slowed down even more. I just find it hard to navigate around. Is it? Or am I just stuck in my ways?

Definitely, but also, now I find myself trying to tiptoe through the spoilers (even in the supposedly spoiler-free section). I’m holding off a bit on the DLC, since I have too much other stuff going on for such an extra timesink. Most people want to talk about the events in the DLC, so I’m barely here right now.

No, you’re not. The old forums weren’t broken. Not sure why they decided they needed “fixing”. (I’m not a fan of these forums either…)


the numbers

BL2 peak today 14995
TPS peak today 6816

it’s not the forum. it’s the game

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Well, quite honesty the forum is a pain to get around in. I am mystified by the decision to change it up and lose the great content from the old forum.

Also, I have not been able to play the dlc yet so I have been trying to watch on twitch. There were like 2 channels and maybe 8 total viewers. Compare that with blood borne which has dozens of channels with several having 10k viewers…

You just can’t underestimate the value of social media for gaming. Especially the streamers. A sham drop is going to be meaningful because everyone knows how hard it is to get one to drop. Voracious is meaningful to beat on op8 because a lot of people have tried and failed etc…it’s all taking place in the twitch and youtube universe where these games live. It’s these maniacs doing crazy damage calculations on spreadsheets and coming up with insane glitches that make the game interesting because they are the ones showing the deal depth of the game. Maybe presequel has depth. I don’t know because basically no one is spending much time on it or sharing it on line.

Honestly I think gblx should launch a Bl2 dlc alo g with a patch that lets you cross all TPS and bl2 characters into all the content. It doesn’t have to make sense…maybe the vault opens up alternative timelines?

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