Still stuck in offline mode

I have been having issues since the Mayhem 2.0 update got released. The day it was released, I was able to play just fine. The day after, I wasn’t able to connect online, but I was still able to enjoy the entire game. On the 25th of april I logged in again to play and had lost access to any and all DLC portions of the game. I have done to be what I believe everything possible to correct the issue on my end. 3 tickets later and still no response from their tech support as to why I can’t play the game anymore. To reiterate, I’ve added an exception for lsass.exe, flushed my dns, made sure my client, pc, and router were all up-to-date, uninstall/reinstall, restart my pc, restored my security suite to default, and even had someone else in my household boot up their pc and load up BL3. They got on just fine. What’s equally annoying is that nowhere on the internet have I been able to find anyone who has had a similar issue to mine. After the usual scheduled weekly maintenance this past tuesday, I tried again and got on just fine as if there hasn’t been any issues for the past week. The day after, even today, I somehow can’t play BL3 anymore. It’s the only game on my pc that is having this problem and the tech support team that I’ve sent 3 tickets to haven’t gotten in touch me beyond having their automated system tell me they received the ticket. At this point, I feel like I’ve exhausted all my resources. What else can I do that I might have missed?