Still waiting for a patch! Where is your communication, Gearbox?

So we all bought that remake again for a lot of money and the bugs are so obvious that you must have known about it, as the game was tested before release. A lot of users complained on here and the mods told us, that they will give the informations to the team.
But since then nothing happened. I still have issues with huge framedrops on my XBoxOne at most places in BL2 (havent tested TPS too much). these drops are so annoying, that it is impossible to aim correctly sometimes. There are also those glitches where enemies stop moving, you can go through characters, loot falls into the ground and so on. The problems are already on here a 1000 times.
You messed up an A+ title and must have known about the problems, but it has been released anyways. DICE did the same thing a few years ago and still works on it`s titles. Todays gaming industry is just such a mess, especially next gen is such a big fail and disappointment.

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Jeff has been very communicative when it comes to addressing issues. A patch is being worked on. I know thats probably not what you want to hear, but patience is key.


I’ve been enjoying both games on my ps4 with no issues. Besides challenges not unlocking. But i don’t understand why you cant be patient. They are working on fixes. They always are very good about listening to us and fix the problems

Weird. Me and my friend have been playing the HJC on PS4 with no problems
yet I see a lot of posts reporting bugs and such things on the forums :confused:
Only problem I’ve had are glitched slag licked challenges which is very minor
guess I’ve been lucky. hope the problems are fixed soon for everyone!

their always workn on something, so im sure somewhere down the line they will come out with a fix or patch. My curiousity to this is that if they new about these issues, which if tested they new, then why release it so soon knowing there would be complaints, I myself wanted the game, but if they would have stated the issues, I would have waited for them to fix it then sale it, with no prob, and the issues do seem to hit and miss with players, some say fine, which means it has issues but they can accept, then there are others, who can really see the issues in their games, we all play differently, some see things others don’t
But hang in there, they say they are working on it, LOL

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The slag licked might fix itself in time. Mine was glitched but then suddenly it reset and instantly gave me 166 ba points!

hope so, getting tired of seeing it pop up that I completed it, gets annoying after a bit

The Screen Tearing in TPS is the only problem i see that needs a MAJOR fix. Having a blast playing BL2 AND TPS but cannot play TPS to long because i get mad over the tearing. Gearbox is working on a patch but it probably wont go live for another month…month and a half. They are busy peeps at gearbox and fixing this issue is low on there list but as Kitty_Jo says PATIENCE IS KEY!!!

I think everyone who is having problems are trying to be as patient as they can, but it’s very frustrating when there are continuous threads about the many problems that the HC has, and no-one is responding to them! It’s great for the people who are not experiencing any issues, but you have to understand for those of us that are experiencing them it’s completely ruining our enjoyment of the game. im sure im not the only one but i spent £300 on an xbox one just to buy the handsome collection for another £45 and 3 weeks in i have hardly played the game. It’s just so disappointing :frowning:

All im saying is maybe just a quick post from one of the team to reassure paying customers and fans that these issues are still being worked on wouldnt be asking too much.


Yes, I know a patch takes time and all but why is a game released with these obvious issues!? That is just a no go IMO. I reallly think it is one of the greatest FPS games ever released and I still think it was a good offer for 60 Euro, even the game is old, but then the game has to be fully finished somehow.
…yeah, patience is key now. No problem, but a short announcement would be cool to everyone of us like “the patch will be released in the next two months and will fix all the current issues” or something like that. Haven’t heard anything.

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I think the problem isn’t necessarily the communication, but rather the sheer number of threads made. The community managers can’t be expected to respond to every one. And if they did, people would complain about the repetitive answers. Compared to most games I play, they’ve done a great job giving everyone some info. If you played NHL 15 on next-gen, you literally witnessed a dev go into hiding because they could no longer support the game since the next one comes out in 6 months. It was truly irresponsible and warranted some anger.

I think we should all just hang tight. I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

Not asking them to respond to all the threads. Just one update will do…

Exactly - just one clear response saying they know what the problem is on Xbox - they know what the problem is on PS4 and they are working on a patch for both that they hope to have ready by … (end of May etc). The longer they don’t do this, the more faith people will lose in them.

Unfortunately, that’s not how patching software works. One fix can create another bug; some issues might take longer than expected to resolve, and so on. Gearbox tend to only announce what they are sure of being able to provide, so the kind of announcement you want is unlikely, in my opinion, to be made.

in that case what happened to the game, cause its not been provided the way they said, just saying based on above comment they only say what they can provide, but wedidn’t get the game they said there were gonna provide. just making a point. Im sure they are working on things, and sometime down the line we will get some fixes, but gearboxes track record of providing what they say isn’t so great lately, and then they have to play fix it now,but I do enjoy BL1 and 2, waiting on those fixes when they get them done, wont even play presequel anymore till it gets fixed, but I can deal with the BL2 issues for now

Borderlands: THC & Other Poor HD Re-Releases RANT:

If you want to see why people are upset.


BL2 had frame drops all over the place…in fact I’d say that the next gen port is performing WAY beyond old gen ever did! At least the new gen doesn’t freeze during split screen DPUH spams :confused:

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Ive been going back to ps3 transfer characters…its horrible. BHC is pretty bloody good in comparison. More people need to see them side by side.

Edit: saw the vid. I haven’t got any of that screen tearing going on. That is pretty bad. Still not ps3 bad, mind.

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You have seen this update right (3 days ago) Is the screen tearing something a patch could fix?

no, I haven’t seen it. But thank you. that’s at least one good thing. Hope they get the framedrops fixed somehow