Still waiting for Borderlands: The True Prequel

Characters include

Zed as The “Doctor”
Sir Hammerlock as Hunter Extraordinaire
Marcus as The Capitalistic Entrepreneur
and featuring Moxxi as… Moxxi

DLC characters featuring
TK Baha as The Wrangler
and Commandant Steele as “Wait, who was she again?”

Something takes place before BL1 during the Dahl era with the Dahl Withdrawl being in the middle of the game, showing the transition of Pandora from slightly civilized to being dominated by bandits.


I’d play it.

Featuring Moxxi as…bewbs.

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I’d play that.

I’d buy that for a dollar! Seriously though, I would definitely play that. Seems like they’d have to introduce a whole lot of new NPCs to flesh out the world and provide quests, then have most of them killed off or leave Pandora by the end. Exceptions would be Tannis, Scooter, Helena Pierce, and Shep Sanders. Can’t really think of any other NPCs from BL1 that you haven’t turned into PCs for this idea. But it could certainly work.

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Why stop there? Why not go back further? I’d like to know more about the hinted-at Corporate Wars…

I LOL’d, I admit.