Still want me to buy Season Pass

I’m on Xbox One and I bought the Super Deluxe Edition, I got all the cosmetics and all but, when I look up the Season Pass, it wants me to buy it

Have you tried to open a ticket with 2k?
yesterday they where responding to all of those tickets preatty fast

i went to the poster near moxxis bar, i clicked on it, went to purchase, then it says install, then it gets installed.

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@jeffthecoolhero - do as @kriegsgirl suggests.
Go up to the ticket outside Moxxis Bar and click on it. It will then take you to the store and you can download it for free.

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Click on the item card in the store (with the price on it). In the next dialog that opens, does the button on the top-right say “Purchase” or “Install”? It should say the latter if you have the super deluxe edition. The MS store is a bit weird like that - it’s a bit inconsistent with when it updates the information it displays.

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When i look it up it says “buy” and i only got some of the cosmetics (all of them but not the butstallion pack and the season pass)

Just to be clear: this is in the store, click on the item card (Season Pass) on displayed list of BL3 items, then on the next dialogue with all the specific details, top-right…?

If you use the in-game menu item to go through to the MS Store do you get the same thing?

You should have had one small update for BL3; the season pass download (which basically includes the Moxxi DLC) should actually be around 6 GB.

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i did it in the store, it display everything and the price, when i go to the Store via Game Menu it shows the cosmetics Season Pass and Moxxi DLC

I’m on xbox, and for me, I selected the DLC like I was going to buy it, but it then said i already owned it and gave an option to behin download.


still dont understand whats the problem.

When I get home, I’ll fire my system up and grab a pic so you know exactly what I’m referring to - I’d hate to be going back and forth over a simple misunderstanding.

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it didn’t happened to me :frowning:

Ok. In the store:

Click on the “Season Pass” item:

That button saying “Manage” should say “Install” if your system is registering your Super Deluxe or season pass purchase correctly.

Finally, if I go to Games & Apps, this is what the “Season Pass” actually installed as:


That really sucks, I hope it changes soon. Keep checking just in case, and just keep sending tickets until you get what you paid for.

I don’t know if its the exact same issue you are having, but I clicked on purchase even though I knew I had already purchased it and then it said you already own this, do you want to install? Once I clicked install, the Moxxxi download started. I did doublecheck my Microsoft account to verify I wasn’t double billed. I don’t understand why if you own it, it would not automatically install in the first place. Your Results May Vary. Good Luck! (I am on a Xbox One)


I suspect there might be a setting somewhere along the lines of “Automatically Download Updates” or something. I won’t be surprised if some (myself included) simply left it unchecked - I don’t necessarily want XBOX download multi-GB updates whenever it wants. At some point your internet provider might start complaining…

Btw for xbox players that own the season pass they can go into that same bl menu in games and apps, then click the ready to install button.

It will show you what you own but don’t have installed (such ss the Sp and buttstallion pack as those don’t autoinstall). Also if you own the dlc it should be there. That is how I installed it all, so I didn’t have to search or fight with the marketplace. You csn also click the update button to check for updates, if you think there is one that wasn’t autoinstalled.

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that’s the deal, it doesn’t say install, it doesn’t show any of it, i went to the Xbox Support and they said that i could try refunding it and re -making the transaction but my product isn’t elegible for refunding so i guess i’ll have to buy the season pass separately

One thing that might work would be a factory reset. There’s an option where you can leave your games and apps in place and just reset everything else to factory defaults. You’d need to re-add your GT profile afterwards, which should also trigger the save game downloads from the cloud, but it might resolve what appears to be an MS licence issue. I’ve seen a couple of posts of folks with the exact same problem as you, and this is how they got around it.

A couple of caveats: Obviously, any off-line progress is going to get wiped doing this. And equally obviously, you’ll need to make sure you have all your accounts and passwords handy for the reinstall.

I already tried the factory reset, there’s something i can do to see if it’s a License Error?