Still worth having Best Served Cold with Seeing Dead?

Someone suggested just having 1 point in it anyway, but since Seeing Dead triggers is constantly(I was wondering what the hell was going on), is there a point?

I don’t follow. Why would you not want it? It turns you into an ice grenade!

Seeing Dead is actually the best time to have it

If your using the Under Cover Tree at all this Is one of the best skills all around. The only times it has little or no use is during most Boss fights or against Anointed enemies. In just about any other scenario it is a spectacular skill and possibly one of the best in the entire Under Cover tree.

Truth. I personally like using a “call” gun and then just laying in to a single enemy and keeping my kills skills up legit 100% of the time.

The skill does almost no damage at all.

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Good explanation:

W/ Seein Dead it constantly slows things around you. Only need 1 point in it because damage is lackluster.

It’s not a skill your taking for the damage. The easiest time to hit crits on an enemy is when they are stationary freezing them dose just that. The faster you freeze and enemy the quicker you can lay in to them. Basicly if you want an effortless Zane build you can use this skill to stun enemies in to submission.

Also at 5 of 5 the Maggie can one shot freeze almost anything. If your looking for pure raw damage and one shoot capacity then your better off with a Violent Momentem Zane. In which case your not using Seein Dead.

Yeah I definitely take it. It’s constantly going off with Seein Dead, not only on enemies, but Zane himself also novas when it procs. It doesn’t mix too well with nearby barrels and when standing in water heh, but I still take it. (I usually just do the old BL2 Maya/Blight Phoenix thing of just shooting all the nearby barrels before I get close.)