Stillness of Mind

Does anyone actually use this effect? Seems to be the least useful action skill effect by far.

I use it all the time with the Ties That Bind + Do Harm build (Elemental Amara Build - Do Harm Stacking and Ties That Bind - TVHM M3 [Updated 9/18]). Phaselocking all enemies around the grasped target is massive.

@anon61397807 Do the Targets actually stay in the air? Or do they just fall back down?

Try it out yourself and see… the stay in place the entire 6 seconds for me even when being shot at until they die not sure If that’s intended but it pretty much feels broken with ties that bind

It’s probably the best crowd control skill in the game and is super effective with Ties That Bind. Sometimes you can just run into a room, grasp the center enemy, shoot it and everything dies… and none of them could even attack you.

For Cistern of Slaughter, it’s also super useful for taking out those annoying Rakks that can’t be grasped. You can grasp the snakes they drop and it’ll phaselock the nearby Rakks.

Enemies don’t stay locked if you attack them but you can get a lot of shots in before they drop. If you have Ascendant they’ll stay locked for 0.75 seconds after you shoot them, which is usually enough time to kill them if they didn’t die whilst you were killing the main grasped target.

Try THIS build using only elemental weapons. It’s very effective. I avoid Infusion because it lowers your healing from Sustainment at the moment (might be a bug or intentional, who knows) and wildfire isn’t needed at all because you spread DoTs around like crazy automatically anyway due to Indiscriminate and Ties That Bind.

As long as you’re shooting the main phasegrasped enemy and not dealing direct gun damage to another phaselocked target, they will all stay in the air eating Ties that Bind elemental damage as well as the reflected bullets you’re producing that are coming off the main target.

As soon as someone shoots directly at one of the other targets, they drop after about a second (assuming you have that buff to augments skill).

But I agree stillness of mind with ties that bind is incredible crowd control. It’s like Maya turned up to 11.

I’ll have to try that combo. When I used Stillness of Mind with another skill I think it was The Eternal Fist, I wasn’t impressed. After a bullet the targets dropped, as the text explains, and it didn’t work with the chained grasps. Neither did Allure for that matter. I think when I tried Ties that Bind I was using either Allure or the Healing.

So it’s only good with phasegrasp then.

I also used it with Phasecast/Deliverance. You wont hit every mob with the phasecast but it still gives you CC on surrounding enemies.

It’s better with ties that Bind (compared to standard phasegrasp). The area around the initial target that get hit with stillness of mind isn’t very large when using standard phasegrasp. But Ties that Bind’s tendrils that attach to nearby enemies has a lot of reach. Therefore you have a large area of crowd control when using Ties that Bind. It also allows all that damage from Ties and Indiscriminate to soak in without breaking the phaselock.

So I’ve been using this and loving it. Only thing I’ve noticed is the ricocheting bullets can knock someone out of Stillness of Mind. That being said, for anyone not hit the CC is amazing. Covers the entire room.