Stinger melee nova how does it works?

Can someone please explains to me how this thing works because I don’t understand it at all

I took a naked Amara (no class mod, no artifact, no grenade , no active anoint, not a single point allocated

on a sanctuary dummy the melee nova does 52K damage

on the field with a map freshly loaded and not doing ANY ACTION prior, the mele nova does 1M on m10 Anvil badass tink, I mean why is there such a huge difference in damage? And again no points attributed, no items, no active anoint, nothing…

Mayhem scaling is one. Sanctuary doesnt have mayhem scaling. Double dipping is another.


ok so I did another experiment a single punch on the dummy is 5194 a single punch on the m10 badass tink 55K , so approximately x 10 for mayhem scaling? So the nova should be around 520K and it’s double so I suppose it’s this “double dipping” you are talking about?

Yeah math is weird, the 300 90 anoint is computed multiple times in the formula i think, zkarma is working on a boring math video on it. Let’s see.

Except that I did not use any anoint here the bearcat I am holding has a 200% splash ase which I did not activate. So quadruple dipping with anoint ? :rofl:

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Odd dummy/math behavior aside, how does the gimmick work? I haven’t even taken this to the field yet. You get a nova whenever you melee something, or is there more to it than that?

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On Shield break: Triggers a [shield element] Nova that damages nearby enemies. Nova deals Melee Damage and is affected by Melee Damage Buffs.

Oh weird - definitely need to get that with a ‘action skill start triggers shield break effect’ anointment. Don’t tell Amara, but this’ll be a Christmas gift this year if RNG is cool about it. :laughing:

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good also for rakk fl4k, no need to shoot or melee, just spam rakks and enjoy the mayhem.

you can get pretty good screenshots with it. :wink:

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