Stinger shield drop bugged?

Just wondering if anyone has gotten an elemental Stinger shield since the level cap increase.

I’ve had now 5 Stingers drop ALL of them have been non-elemental. Like I can understand getting it more than once or even more than an elemental but not even 1?

And if u tell me you got one I’m go kill Anathema so ■■■■■■■ hard, that dirtbag.

66,66% of Stingers are non-elemental.

But every one since the last update?

Probability in Borderlands is intentionally engineered to NOT respect things like number of attempts, or time invested.


I’ve got a corrosive one to drop since the level cap and one non elemental but the funny thing is I’ve gotten 5 lightspeed grenades and all were non elemental lol,Rng is a fickle witch

ALL the Borderlands games do not kept track of number of attempts/times. (And for a good reason, but that’s a different thread).

@thesuicidefox : at 2/3rds non-elemental, five in a row would be pretty common. I’d have to go digging around for more precise numbers, but statistics says you will always get stuff like that happening.

I just wanna make sure it’s not a bug because before I was getting non-element one in maybe 3 drops.

Just statistics.

Doesn’t change that one can feel as though they’ve been kicked in the statisticals.

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I ran it earlier and anathema dropped 3… 1 fire and 2 non elemental. So atleast it’s still there

15 drops later and still no element.

I swear this has to be a bug at this point. It’s impossible for him to drop me 15 non-elemental Stingers in a row.

Anything is possible when you dont respect player investment!