Stinging Smasher Amara - M10 solo or coop build

Hi everyone. Here’s another Amara build, this time taking advantage of all of the silliness of the patches. It uses the Stinger shield to blow up everything, and a facepuncher to clean up after that, but it will absolutely work with any gun at all. It never runs out of ammo, either. So there.

UPDATE July 9th: I added some sections on using Revelation and using an EP/Driver combo to max damage at the cost of screaming.

Category: Hybrid/Misc
Name and Link: Stinging Smasher Amara
Description: Use the Stinger to blow up everything. It’s literally that easy.
Action Skill: TTB with a sprinkling of Phasecast
Skill Trees: Mystical Assault to cap, followed by Fist and Brawl
Build Level: 60
Specific Gear: Yes - it positively requires the Stinger shield
Difficulty Level: Low
Video: No

Here’s the doc:!Aogmc0QYl3v9kCwFVUKRk5LkVCy5?e=ZEojas

The build can easily solo the most difficult content in the game: I did Guardian Takedown on True Takedown mode with it. I soloed Wotan without shooting my gun. It makes everything very easy, and won’t even run out of ammo.


I think I get the idea of this and it could be pretty cool. Didn’t know all that about the Stinger shield. You should make a video about your build.

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Nice build, I love when somebody finds these kind of synergies! Now I have a reason to run the takedown :smile:

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Cool build, not broken at all :+1:

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Farming for the stinger shield is PITA. Nice share OP

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Quick question, you tell us to get as much Clarity as possible in the Phasezerker Mod but you don’t have a single point in it in your build. It was a bit disconcerting :joy:

I can’t remember where I took the point from but do you have a recommendation?

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Yeah, it definitely is. I tried to be clear about the gear dependence. :slight_smile:

Hi! I actually tell you to get the Clarity from your Phasezerker COM. You don’t need or really want Conflux or Anima, so Clarity is “the best” in my opinion. You don’t actually need it either, I just like having some passive health regen, just in case there’s a dot on me and nobody to shoot for Sustainment.

Thanks for the feedback! I was just quoting from your documentation:

I actually found getting the shield easier (I guess I got lucky) than I am with the artifact or COM with the correct passives or perks lol. Still as the build comes together it’s a blast to see its potential!

Thanks for this! I hope I can get all the pieces together before it gets nerfed and play with it!

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I couldn’t agree more and frankly, more than once, I found myself running around trying to find something to shoot because of a dot and I was very grateful to have points in Clarity (I have a com with +5 Clarity in it)

I’ve been working off this build in your documentation:

and I’ve been fairly literal about it - so the only way I could get a point into Clarity was to take a point from “Root to Rise” and keep the red and blue trees intact.

This is just an FYI since your original build doesn’t have points in Conflux or Anima anyway.

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Thanks, I’ll modify the doc to make it clearer. You can spec more into Clarity if you want, of course, as it really doesn’t kill the build’s main mechanics. You just need to get down to FYC. I don’t, I use a COM with Clarity.

I got lucky with the shield as well, getting one with the ASS anoint on my second Anathema kill. It’s what made me make a very different version of the build before melee scaling was introduced. I built it, figuring it would be fun at M2 or so. Well, it turned out to be completely viable up to M6 or M7, before the scaling and before Groundbreaker. I was running it with Sand Hawks then, in a Blue and Green tree build. I was running Phasecast to quickly handle cooldown and to quickly proc the nova without even aiming. The Novas would fully fill ammo, so I could unload with whatever weapon I wanted, really.

Once melee scaling was introduced, the build was instantly viable at M10, so I began tinkering to optimize and include TTB and, if possible, Sustainment. And voilà, the build you see here. :slight_smile:

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Once you get the gear (shield) including the COM and artifact(s) this build is A LOT of fun!


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Hey all, just a quick update: many of you I’m sure have seen that using the Revelation augment lets you blow crap up even easier. I can confirm that it’s effective with this build as well. You rarely get the Revelation nova to proc - the Stinger nova is instant, and will have already killed everyone before the Revelation one could fire - but stuff at really long range can and will be damaged or destroyed by Revelation novas, especially once Remnant and Overkill get into the game.

If you want to run that, you can “minmax” everything by changing to an EPCP artifact and a driver mod. The Driver will DOT you, the EP turns that into MASSIVE boosted damage that gets double dipped through TTB. It will also roughly double the initial base damage of the build using the Stinger and TTB.


I don’t bother with that because a) you don’t need it and b) doing it means you are constantly under DOTs and wind up screaming a lot and having shields down. It’s fun, and can make some bigger numbers, but it’s not precisely worth with risk and inconvenients to me.

UPDATE: I edited the document to reflect using Revelation and/or a Driver/EP combo.

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I’ve been using this build with a stone com that has action skill damage and phaseslam and I’m having a lot of fun. Recommended for everyone that seeks a phaseslam build.

Actually I’ll try to modify it a little for the phaseslam lovers out there…