Stoked for patch or worried?

Y’all stoked for the update or what?

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Super stoked.


Be cool if balancing is better


Neither. I’m coming in with low expectations. I know how these ALWAYS plays out


stocked but i expect minor changes not major overhaul of gear equalization

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But they suggested otherwise in the patch notes!!!

Stoked for brand new brokenness and bugs.


Excited for the campaign, but im cautiously optimistic about the balance changes


Super excited for all the new bugs


I’ll be the first one to give em credit if they pulled it off


Stoked as hell,should be real good for the game

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I try to be neither. The game is currently shelved for me as it’s barely playable in this state, so we’ll see.

The road map of changes they announced was pretty good.

The last patch was underwhelming, but they did treat some core issues, which is good.

Now let see for the rest.

I seriously think the game will stay shelved for a few more month until they fix everything. Nearly clean BL2 and its DLC, next will be BLPS


It’s “Do or Die” time for me with this game. If they can’t get it into a playable state with this patch, then I’m uninstalling the game. Patch 1 was very underwhelming and my feeling is that patch 2 will be the same. I hope that I am wrong.


I’m excited for the dlc content, but I’m not holding my breath that any of the problems will be fixed.


Cautiously intrigued. I have a pretty low bar set that I’m sure the patch will reach, but what will elevate it from “OK, that’s finally done” to “this is actually the thing I’ve been waiting for” is whether we actually have viable builds based around action skills, melee, or other damage sources at the highest levels.

Scaling alone will make using AS feasible in Mayhem 10, but it would be weak and you would need the action skill gear to make it actually feel good. If IB isn’t doing in Mayhem 10 what it was doing in Mayhem 4 before 4/23, then this patch will be failure to me.


I’m with @nat_zero_six !!! Let’s gets this game back on track!


I’m stoked, and worried?

Stoked for:

  • New Content
  • a Level Cap Increase (You should be surprised by this if you’ve read me on the forums)
  • MAYBE GBX has things ironed out. Hopefully. Please?

Worried For

  • Maybe they still don’t have balance right.
  • Maybe the Balance Attempts only further the disparity between the Vault Hunters
  • Maybe GBX doesn’t know what Build Diversity actually means.
  • Maybe they have still decided that the Gun + Anoint Farm needs to be exceedingly grindy, Heavy on the RNG, and will only further turn me off to the game.
  • Maybe the DLC is as poorly tuned as the Guardian Takedown was at launch.
  • Maybe the guns in the DLC will be more like DLC2, where the 3 best guns in the DLC are guns I don’t even care to use, rendering the content: Clear the Story, and never go back, again.

I am trying really hard to be optimistic, and excited about this patch, and new content, but Mayhem 2.0 has been an abysmal failure, in my opinion, and after the first balance “patch” did almost nothing to actually make the balance better, (M10 still feels incredibly bullet spongey, since the M10 guns were largely nerfed right alongside the health values), from my (a Moze Player’s Perspective), that I’m just not sure that my vision for this game, and what makes it fun, aligns with the devs.

I don’t mind M10 being hard. I actually like the idea of it being hard. But I don’t want it to be not fun. The Very Hard Modifiers are by and large just not fun. They aren’t fun to play in a group setting, when trying to get people to play with the same set of modifiers is just… not something that I enjoy doing.

Right now, the only viable M10 build I have for my Moze revolves around Lobs, and the 50/150 anoint. And so far, after testing all of the builds, I have the most success with the “Not in the Face” Modifier. Lobs move slow, you can’t guarantee the crit. So, This is how I play.

No one enjoys playing that, when they’re playing fl4k, amara, or zane. So, we end up using Holy Crit, and I’m just there, hanging with my friends, and being that fourth body to make the loot better, and feeling like my contribution is not needed for more than the loot modifier.


Very interested to see the Mayhem fixes to things like shields and grenade mods (apparently? possibly) as well as the chest / mission rewards.

Mainly looking forward to see if they were able to fix CCC Zane (issue is deeper than just Zane, but affects him the worst). Not being able to play my main for . . . eight weeks and counting?

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I don’t think “Stoked” is the word I’d use. Pensive maybe. It’s that feeling kind of like you’ve just come out of cancer surgery and are waiting for the doctor to give you the results. :flushed:

Then again, Exuberant fits. That feeling you get when you’ve just seen a squirrel make it safely across a busy street. The feeling right before something spooks him and he does a 180 in road and immediately gets squashed by a car. :scream:

Then there is Yearn. Like for your old car which was so reliable and you had so many good memories in gets traded in for a new model and it’s just not the same. :cry:

Mostly I look forward to the feeling of being relieved that this is behind us.


Interested to see what’s in the patch and how things are being addressed. Generally neutral on that because I don’t play at high mayhem levels so I’ve not been experiencing the same issues as those that do.

I’m more interested in the DLC - looking forward to having new stuff to do and places to explore.