Stoker's Monthly Trades and Giveaways!

#Welcome, fellow Vault Hunters Traders!

As someone that plays this game probably too much for his own good, I’ve accumulated quite the collection of guns over the years. My time wandering the Pandora wastelands isn’t coming to an end any time soon, but I no longer have any reason to keep the gear I find unless it’s one of my ‘holy grails’. A quick picture and the experience itself is good enough for me. That said, I always feel guilty just throwin’ stuff away so I’ve decided to make this a monthly giveaway and trading thread for 360 players! It’s a way I feel I can give back to a community that has treated me well since my early days. I’ve recently started fresh on a new account so this first month may not be as exciting as it could be, but I’ll start building up some beauties in no time!

##How it works!

You get everything I find! (Okay, not quite, but almost everything…) As I said, I’ll be giving away nearly everything I find unless it’s somethin’ that I desperately want. No limits, no jokes, no mods. Perfect Pearl that I have no use for? It’s yours! Perfect Item of the Day from a vendor? It’s yours! At the beginning of each month I’ll upload a new album with everything I’m giving away. I’ll also showcase three of my best items that I’m willing to trade for something instead of give away. If an item doesn’t get claimed within that month, it’s getting tossed off of the cliff at Crawmerax’s Lair! And for those wondering, about 90% of these items will be found farming Craw and a good majority of them get posted in the ‘Finds of the Day’ thread.

###* I want everyone to feel free to use this thread as well, though! Comments, trades, and offers are all welcome! Let me know if you have any particular request that you’d like me to keep my eyes open for.


  • Follow the forum rules. No mods or duplication of any kind. If you join my game and I notice any mods, your ass is gettin’ the boot and I’ll post your name on here so we can laugh at you. Respect the game, please.

  • First come, first serve! I’m not sure whether this thread will get much activity because Borderlands is an ancient game and the 360 is a dying console, but I’m going to start by limiting everyone to one item per day. I’ll start giving away everything to anyone that asks if there isn’t much demand, however.

  • Post your Gamertag and time zone availability. If you don’t want to post your info’ on the forum, send a private message on here or Xbox.
    #I’m accepting offers for:

###Click here to see my giveaways of the month!
Copy the image url of the item you want and post it below to reserve it. I collect perfect Alacritous, Balanced, and Impenetrable shields with the best parts and materials as well, but I don’t post them because there are too many. Just ask for any specific shield and I’ll most likely have it.

###Click here to see what I’m lookin’ for!
**Yes, everything in this album was created in WT. I needed them for pictures and I dropped them all immediately after.*

I’ve listed my preferences for each gun on the picture and in the album description. Also, I’m looking for every elemental variant of the corrosive weapons I posted. I just didn’t want to take multiple pictures of the same gun. If anyone has any of these and would like to trade or give them away, I’d greatly appreciate it. :acmaffirmative:

##That’s all there is to it!

Edit: Rest in peace, Borderlands. This game is deader than dead…