STONE class mod - badly broken. BADLY

EDIT: the 02 April hotfix fixed it. It now works correctly. The formula is:

StoneDmgTaken = NormalDmgTaken / (1 + 0.03 × RushStacks × (1 + Awakening))

Original post:

Just posted this in another thread but thought I’d make a new topic here so people don’t miss it.

I figured out Amara’s new “Stone” class mod. It is very broken. It does not reduce damage taken. It increases damage taken by 3.9% per Rush stack. This is not a joke.

The formula is:

DmgTaken = NormalDmgTaken × (1 + 0.03 × RushStacks × (1 + Awakening))

So with 25 Rush stacks and 3/3 Awakening, enemies deal 97.5% more damage to you.

Tested with self-grenading, enemy bullets and enemy rockets. All results were accurately predicted by the formula.

Do not use this class mod until it’s fixed.

edit: I’m on EGS but I’d be surprised if it was any different on other platforms.

edit 2: zKarmaa just made a video on this and when watching it I realised it did 3.9% instead of 3% in my test because of the +3 Awakening of my Stone. So the value actually is 3% but is increased to up to 4.8% per stack at 6/3 Awakening.


What I think they intended to do: as usual, divide damage by (1 + 0.03 × stacks), but instead they accidentally multiplied it.

This is probably going to be fixed soon. If the 3.9% remains (instead of 3% as stated) For example, with 3/3 Awakening, that’d mean that enemy damage is reduced to 50% with 25 stacks. Add 5/5 Helping Hands and it’s reduced to 30%. Then add Arms Deal and splash damage is reduced to 18%.

Once this mod works right, it could be very tanky indeed.

edit: corrected for the impact of Awakening

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Until you use your action skill and you can always use Breaker as alternative.

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Woah, did they even test this?


Im pretty sure they didn’t. The whole game feels rushed. Wish they could fix the main game, with all of its broken mess, before releasing actual new broken content. It’s really starting to piss me off…


That was my concern too but I did some testing and it turns out that with Tapestry and bonus elements/Infusion/Forceful Expression you can build up stacks extremely fast. You can use almost any weapon for that, but e.g. with a Hellshock they build up so fast you can hardly see it. Or take the Sellout, 4-5 Rush stacks per hit.

As for the Breaker, yeah but it’s less reduction and on top of that you need to be close. 29% at point blank and about 15% at some 5m distance. The Stone would give some 50% (with 25 stacks) at any distance, so I think it’s got far more tanking potential.


zKarmaa noticed it too and just made a video:

I had the feeling this com was going to go apeshit somewhat

Update: today’s hotfix has fixed it. It’s working correctly now.

Now that its working, has anyone had a chance to test it out? Any builds it seems worth using in?

I tried a little in slaughter shaft with different ideas and builds but at least for what I tried it was underwhelming. Where it really matters, enemies don’t seem to care a lot about damage reduction.

I had some ok results when using a Big Boom Blaster shield with a Lunacy artifact, but still I was struggling where I just broze through with Zerker.

I’m certain the pros will find ways to put it to better use, but I have a feeling it’s pretty mediocre.

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I feel the same. I run a build using the Breaker with maxed MA and FotE tree. I get damage reduction from the breaker COM and can have 6/3 Personal space. With the new COM I gain a little more damage reduction with no damage increase. At least, not directly. The skills it buffs aren’t that great.

It’s useless. Like there’s no reason to use this class mod over the phasezerker, even the Golden rule is better (I mean, have a better purpose). Like the problem with Amara was never damage reduction, in fact, he have a role skill tree only for that.

It’s really disappointing, because before the release of the DLC they say that the patch will have the “most powerful class mods”… Ok, where’s this class mods?

Is a worst phasezerker.

Big Blew Gaming did a build with it that looks interesting. I haven’t tried it out yet myself.

While interesting, the Anarchy was doing the heavy lifting.

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(lol the forums didn’t like the formating)


That was my thoughts after watching it. How viable is the build with different weapons? At this point, the Anarchy and Pearl make pretty much any build viable.

Yes indeed they do. You can basically run any build with Anarchy + Pearl of IK because these items are stupidly overpowered.

Another thing I’d like to mention is that he doesn’t seem to understand how damage reduction works. 40% from Helping Hands and 75% from Stone don’t simply add up to 115%. First of all, damage reduction isn’t additive, and second, Helping Hands states effective damage reduction while Stone states the value put in the formula which is a completely different thing. On top of that, the 2 points in Awakening increase the Stone’s damage reduction.

The correct formula would be:

DmgTaken = 1 / (1 + 0.66) × 1 / (1 + 0.03 × 25 × 1.2) = 0.317

Which means an effective “damage reduction” of 1 - 0.317 = 68.3%, i.e. damage taken is reduced by 68.3%. I don’t want to be an arse and I don’t expect everyone to fully understand this crap, I just want to point out that when he says “115% damage reduction” that’s not how it works.

edit: he’s also using Samsara on a TTB build. Samsara doesn’t work with TTB.


What is a TTB build?