Stop allowing matches to start with only 4 players on Advanced

I have no clue why the game would allow Advanced storymode multiplayer to begin with only 4 freaking players. It’s hard enough as it is with 5, like the game can’t wait another 30 seconds to find a 5th player?

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It’s probably harder with 5 than with 4 on most missions.

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Yea the game scales based off of how many players, so in essence 3 or less is actually easier/better than with 4 or 5 anyways.

The story missions are harder with 4 then they are with 5. In fact, I find most of them to be easiest solo.

Don’t cry…
Git gud

(I’m sorry… I just couldn’t help myself)

:joy::joy: As already stated, the game difficulty scales with how many players are in your team… Also the difficulty scaling of a 5 man team is MUCH more unforgiving than rolling with a 4 man group, so I’d take the 4 group any day :slight_smile: