Stop and reroll before hosting a game

Floor is lava is literally one of the worst things ever. Sick of joining a raid with it. Also Rogue lite, hell even the death skulls. I wish you could see what you’re getting into before joining


The mods make it super hard to find a game and hard to hold them together once people join because folks will bail on certain modifiers. Just one more downside to mayhem 2.0.

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Totally but there are ones that are annoying and there are ones that straight up kill you if you try and aim and kill an enemy… Floor is lava should be a a very hard modifier

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Laser tag can be super annoying too, but not nearly as bad

A good point for QoLand matchmaking: show host’s modifiers somewhere in game-select menu.

If we must have these modifiers, let the players see what they are before we join a public game.


thats why we need a god damn server list with details and filter . not a automated system which couldn’t pick the ideal game imo to join .


Yup, I usually pick
Big head / Grenade dmg
Cryo orb
Elemental pool
Inv orb
*I think that’s what I use

I also want to be able to change/reroll Mayhem from the character selection screen. If I’m not on Sanctuary it takes a long time to log in, change, reload, etc. Game still needs a lot of work, as we approach the 1 year mark.

In solo play I completely understand the sentiment, but isn’t the idea to challenge ourselves? A big part of this game that’s always overlooked is team synergy and communication. If you play with only PUGs these modifiers seem insurmountable, but if you play with 3 friends things change. It’s this way in almost every online RPG. Don’t hate me for this but ‘‘teamwork makes the dream work’’.

I think there is some sort of wonky auto-reroll when lobbies merge. I have had matchmaking on and pull host of the next lobby and have random mods.